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Now You are Safe...

By borda
Now You are Safe
oil on canvas, 60x80cm (24x32inches)
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© 2015 - 2021 borda
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I would like to congratulate you on making this work of art as deceptively incredible as it is.The approach you have carried out is truthfully outstanding. The quality of this artwork makes it apparent that you worked to your maximum potential with your all-inclusive magnitude of abilities. The line of this picture is obviously correct for the metaphor that I see you are aiming to encapsulate. Although I must say, I see that your use of contrast could has been handled better as I expect that it does compete with the capability seen in the remainder of the artwork. To finish I would like to illuminate that it has been a treat to invest energy in this judgment for you and I hope it will empower you to maximize the potential of your astounding piece.
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Sometimes the best feeling is no feeling and the best way to protect innocence is to remove all parts of emotion. This artwork feels so motionless in a sense that's captivating. I really love and appreciate the fine details lights /shades . It s just so sad and heartbreaking. no emotion = no pain but just how far is a person willing to go to protect his loved ones. I love the fact that you focused the drawing around the stuffed animal since it doesn't actually have any emotion or feelings even though some stuffed toys do get abused in a certain sense. Sometimes a child needs to be left alone with his thoughts, stuffed animals and imaginary friends. Love the red wine eyes and heart. The colors are amazing and very complementary.
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:iconfeature-it-monday: has selected your artwork, for the Feature It Monday Journal! :heart:

Congratulations! :clap:
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Sad and soothing at the same time. Awesome work!!
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I really like this especially the one note color throughout the piece it almost signals that even though she is away and "safe" from the horrors left behind her there will always be a piece left that tints her and the life around her. Beautifully rendered the rabbit has the quality of something a child has desperately tried to re-sew and maintain so that she could have some form of a companion. My only qualm about this is that I feel the rabbit distracts from the girl but that leads me to question, is he the one she was rescuing?  Perhaps she has taken it upon herself to be the hero to her companion. Therefore coping with the situation by becoming the hero instead of the victim is either case this is one of my very favorite pieces and I do hope to someday purchase a canvas print of this creation.

Great job!
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although, of course, being dead it was safe all along ....
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Interesting work!
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lovely, super love the composition and the starry night ^^
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Amazing work my dear!!
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This is a wonderful, surreal piece. It makes me feel sad in the good way
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Your art remind the movie Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart I love those characters so much, it's such cute style :) great job!!
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I love this network! The atmosphere You give to it seems like a dream and is beautiful. I love the colours, your stile of drawing, anything of this pièce.. Congrats!
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This is quite nice, I really like the big button eyes, and the overall sense of imagination, nice work and keep it up!
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Maybe it`s just the button eyes but it kina reminds me of coraline, scary cuddle toy by the way ;)
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Wow, this is really cute! You are very creative >.< 
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I really like the innocence of this: a little girl loving her stuffed animal and trying to help it, and in her childlike mind thinking that ripping out it's heart is the answer and that it is as simple as that, when not so much in real life. And I like the stars around them; it looks a book you would read to your children at night, and it feels like a lullaby. And also, I am only assuming that the girl in this picture is a child, but if it was intended to not specify what age this girl is, and leave it to our imaginations, then I think that is interesting; if she is an adult this makes this picture more fascinating and to me, I think a lot things can be imagined about it, like if she's an adult with a childlike mind or if she likes to go to a place of pretend to escape reality that is sort of her "happy place."  Or if the rabbit represents someone in her real life that is suffering physically or emotionally and she wishes she could help! So, this an art that makes one think, good job!:)
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