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May 11, 2011
Suggester says: "It's one of those pictures, which stays with you for a long time. A truly horrifying character done with great technical skills. After the first impact wears off, you may find interesting details which give you something to think about."

Life is Just a Funny Game by *borda
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Suggested by Drawnentity
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Life is Just a Funny Game

oil/canvas, 27x34 cm, really tiny, I posted it before as it was in progress [link] where I received some helpful suggestion, many thanks for all comments and support! :flirty:

inspired by M. Hussar's paintings
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You really like Michael Hussar I get it but I'd encourage you to find your own creepy style. Otherwise if you become very good at painting and you keep using his style people would relate your work with his instead (It happened to me with Sylvia Ji and one day my GF told me that I was not her... and that´s when I realized she was right, although I completely love her style... I shuldn't try to be a clone). Is just a thought.

As for the visual impact, I think you really nailed it! awesome way to use light and shadow contrast focus the viewer's eye on the face first, and then slowly move to ther areas to discover all the little details.

I'm no expert at color and composition but I'd like you to balance a little bit more the skintone since the face is very red and the rest of the skin seems very pale.

Overall I think it's a great piece. and I'm sure you'll improve as you pracice. Hopefully we all will.

Saludos desde México.
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This is gooorrgeous.
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This is expertly disturbing. Can I ask how many hours it typically takes you to complete a portrait like this?
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Wow, this is so Bi-polor in a such a painful spectum. I think it is amazing. I actually feel for the characters, it almost pulls you in.
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Love it! You're art is awesome!
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Your beautiful work is featured in our group's weekly feature [link] :iconsoulcollectors: :hug:
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Very nice. Makes me think of temptations and making bad decisions.... over and over again, but all she has to do is reach up and take a hold of life and not let life control her.
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haha XD. how many people must hate you for keeping a DD in your "scraps" folder XD :rofl:. that really made me smile
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haha, I believe put it by mistake, as I have on in progress, or I didn't liked it before it was deviated :P XD
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:wow: I adore those colors and expression of her face! :)
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Excellent ! You're paintings are the coolest I've seen in a while.
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I think the datails you added to this art are unique.
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This is just amazing! You are amazing! *watches*
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I have featured this beautiful piece in my latest journal:

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Congratulations for the DD :)
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this is amazing, so much detail for such a small painting
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this is like a demented harley quinn, and or clown, and is very much loved for being so small its amazing., i cant think of other words to say right now to describe how much i love it, but I do.
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thats soo amazingly creepy :)
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