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Inside a Violin III

interior of a contrabass
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This picture is really awesome; it's a real masterpiece of creativity. The beams of the lights with the smoke are so gorgeous, but i think you should have put more contrast & saturation, and maybe reduce high lights in the violin and boost them at the holes so we would have been unable to see what's outside except white .

I'm curious to see what it would have rendered in black and white though, but yeah nothing to add, an amazing idea ! I can't wait to see more instruments shot like this by yourself ! keep up the good work, and I hope you're gonna sell a lot of these <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="387" title=";) (Wink)"/> .
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This is a stunning piece of art -- I adore the idea behind it and the beauty of the finished image -- what I find most astonishing are the parallels between the lyrical curves of light and ideas of scrolls, perhaps musical scores, and the movement in the composition is like a melody -- the space actually looks like a ballroom or concert hall, and that is so appropriate it's positively poetic. I can almost hear the music and smell the candle smoke. I think you probably used smoke to heighten the light, so well done with that. The wooden ceiling, the mystery of the far side of the "room" in darkness. I love the symmetry. I can't tell you how much I like this image.
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This is a lovely image, and such a unique angle. I especially love the light beams coming through the f-holes. It's also VERY well-composed; it's even on both sides with a minimal amount of extra space. The creative viewpoint has the effect of leading you through the body of the violin. I think that this piece really accentuates the beauty of the violin.

Really my only "qualm" about this picture is the color. I would have liked to see more contrast between the light and the dark - it seems a tad washed out (that could also be my computer). But this is overall just an absolutely stunning photograph. Well done!
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Great idea. When I firstly saw these I thought "what an interesting and a little surreal interior design" and then I read the description!
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Amazing! The  lighting and everything is stunning. Reminds me of the inside of a cathedral.
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a theather with that structure would be ausome!!
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WOW!!!! What an amazing shot!!!!!Heart Heart 
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wow!! great idea to do this and it's just amazing. It's like a huge smoky hall or some exotic room. I love the balance of the light falling on the inside
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Amazing, what a great concept!
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Wow, this is so beautiful~I've been playing violin for ten years now but I've never imagined how it would be like inside:) (Smile) 
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You are so romantic...
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Woah... see, this is an image I never even thought possible... and yet here you are with it. Brilliant work. What did you use for the smoke? and did you disassemble the contrabass, or put a hole in it?
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thanks, I used a cigar, but any smoke would do it, the instrument was open for repairs.
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Awesome! :D Thanks for the reply :)
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Amazing and very thoughtful.  Thank you for sharing.  
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This is an absolutely stunning shot.
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This is where my ashes will be buried when I die. :)
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There is really unique idea and beauty. Nice work!
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Wow, this is brilliant.
Someone should build a stage like this.
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