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Facing Myself - oil painting

oil on canvas, 50x60cm

Can see it as an interpretation of the Greek myth of Medusa, a beautiful girl who was cursed and transformed into a monster with snake hair, and who's look would turn everyone into stone. She could be defeated only after she was tricked to see her reflection into a mirror.
The primal fears of the reptilian brain turn our neocortex stupid, the IQ could drop even up to 30%, is obvious during exams when you forget all the answers. That can be overcome only with introspection, and self awareness.
Also in the mask can see the ego, persona means mask in Latin. Is a projection, an image that we use to fool others, and we trick ourselves to be that, is like Narcissus's fall into his own reflection, that is the death of our real self, the consciousness. Is like falling into a waking dream that we cannot wake up from. Most of the times is a nightmare... 
We love distracting our attention from the source of our problems. Most people would do anything to avoid self reflection, facing the fears, and the archetypal forces that govern our lives, but is the only way to evolve, to overcome our loops mental that make us repeat the same mistakes and turning again and again in the same old road that we know where it leads to.
Only we are alone, in the dark, really we face our thoughts, and might not be a pleasant encounter. But can lead to practices as meditation, that can be a real light in the darkness of our thoughts.
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I feel this all the time.

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It's interesting that the edges of the face are smooth. I can imagine if the edges were jagged, as though ripped and torn, the effect on the overall image would be quite different.

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Disturbing to look at but very talented rendering.

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Hello Borda,
I was in browse mode and Your painting caught my eye, and after reading your words I took a closer look. although my impression now literally tempered .
Bravo!, I like it, the beautiful contrasting colours , the harmony within the dark and light, all good.
Your paiterly skills are unique to you so there is no critque from me in execution of craft .
My atention was caught recently by your serpent and light painting too, another interesting work and again some of your ideas expressed in words,
where I enjoy your use of chemistry and biology and an attempt to combine more mythical and spiritual ideas with science.
I feel an overwhelming belief in either science or religion almost an empty vessel, whats missing in this work, as i understand it after reading your words is conection between our primal fear of serpants and the organic chemistry.
Its hard to find any science in the tale of Medusa, the gods and their passion for crime and punishment .
My sympathies lay with the girl, left with only herself to love. and my compliments in the visual expression of some of yout thoughts and feelimgs about love of self. as for the gods , well we can blame them or praise them, but I sense we would be truly lost in the dark without them.
Thank you
kind regards Paul
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:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
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This may be one of the most chilling interpretations of Medusa I've seen in years. At first glance, this immediately reminded me of Brian Yuzna's "Society", one of the few horror movies able to psychologically break me.

Thankfully, the realistic proportions, form and lighting combined with the lukewarm atmosphere make this portrait easy on the eyes. The bold palette is strongly chosen as well with the skin and dress easily distinguishable in black and white.

My one and only complaint is that the snakes seem to blend in with the darkness a bit too much near the top-left corner, but this is just a minor nitpick. All in all, this psychological portrait is well-framed, well-executed and easily understandable, making it easy to encourage viewers' attention and consideration.
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This is so raw and reflective. Thank you for sharing this artwork!

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BUNA Pictura.....Buna descrierea dar se termina ca la Hagi....Sa fie bine ca sa nu fie rau....
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This is what other people see me as 
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Technically, this is another amazing piece. But it's also an interesting metaphor.
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This is beautiful, and has such meaningful depth! I really love the way you did the sheer fabric over her arm~
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horrifying no sleep for me!
Guy: Are you ready yet, dear?

Snake Girl: Just a moment. I have to put my face on.
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It is an original idea, I dont think I have seen it anywhere. You are very skilled and I love your paintings, so I am observing your work as form now on !
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This is a stunning piece of art doing what art is meant for and depicting the same. Metacool!
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This is really good work!
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This is gorgeous, and very dark and haunting! Amazing!
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I saw this featured in a journal by Sabina (SabzOR)...nice work :thumbsup:
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Best Submission of the Month by dA-Morgue-Points on :iconda-morgue: for December 2018 :clap:
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Nice artwork.  Now I’ll be honest here...

I wish I we’re a monstrous looking demon with supernatural powers, but with my free will to be my good self.  Better that, than to be a mortal human being with either evil intentions or stupidity.

And I can live like that for all eternity, without the chance of ever changing back.
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