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November 9, 2020
Embracing The Present Moment - oil painting by borda
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Embracing The Present Moment - oil painting


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oil on wood panel 55x70cm

Meditation, according to Eastern philosophy, is a practice intended to strip one of all veils to reveal the truest and highest self. Through the practice of meditation, one can reach enlightenment, or nirvana, and all schools of thought surrounding this topic share one common belief: this enlightened state is a death of the ego.
Enlightenment is sometimes referred to as “the great death” — in stark contrast to “the small death” that occurs when your physical body expires. Buddhism believes that this death of the ego is much more significant than the death of the physical form. Contrary to Western psychology’s definition of “ego”, Eastern philosophy views the ego as entirely false and unnecessary. According to Eastern philosophy, there is no such thing as having a “healthy ego,” but that the ego is nothing more than a false illusion of the self that should be stripped away. This ego is simply a construct created by the mind, imprisoning us to believe that we are the center of our own universe.
It gives us a false sense of importance and deeply roots us to wants, such as recognition and approval. The Buddha believed that the root of all our suffering stems from ignorance and taught that our clinging to the identity of the ego was a source of great ignorance and, in turn, great suffering.
The simplest way to envision “the great death” is to imagine the absence of thought. Thought is all that provokes our egos. The well-known quote from Descartes, “I think, therefore I am” essentially sums up this concept of ego. This sense of self exists because of thought that provokes us to believe that we are separate from all else and that we are at the center of all that surrounds us...that our very identities exist simply because we are the ones creating thought.
Removing the sense of self and all the fears and wants associated with it, allows for the incorporation of all else. It allows us to see how we are all inherently connected, how there is no real distinction between you and me.
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A powerful article of thought of what we could be

Beccaroni-n-Chz's avatar
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Absolutely exquisite!

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The artpiece is really cool and so well done...but the message is nothing I can relate to. Not anymore. No meditation, no little, no big death will lead you through a Nirvana. Only Jesus can save you. Just open your heart and be willing to let him be your God. Stay in peace :)

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The moment of enlightenment. Wonderful picture!

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The inner peace.
OGYungLilBig's avatar

I wish somebody would send me that level of weed

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try it with jesus, then you dont need any weed anmore.

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Gorgeous 🥰🙏
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"Busshism"? o.O

Tinselfire's avatar

With a little mutual help and nudging, together we can edge closer to enlightenment.

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This wonderful work is already in my favs! :clap: !!!


Beautiful description and followed you from your work regarding Alan Watts. This makes me feel happy to have come across this. Thanks for sharing.

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I have two possible reactions to this:

"I've heard of having your head in the clouds, but this..."

"This gives a completely new and awesome meaning to the term 'galaxy brain'."

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Oh, God! It's beautiful!:love:

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Excellent work, and fitting for the theme.

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