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Rainmeter: Simple HiDPI Aware 22.1



It is a simplistic and flat skin, which unlocks the awesomeness of HiDPI for Rainmeter. That means skins are sharp on a scaled screen on each scale level. The problem thats was solved is that the scaling is taken over by Windows itself, which scales a already rendered skin object to a blurry one. A enclosed dll sets the dpi awareness flag for Rainmeter at runtime and thus the automatic scaling is disabled. It also provides the scale factor in the variable #$#, which can be used in all skins by including '@_Internal/'.

Known issues:
o non hidpi aware skins are wrong scaled
o sometimes wrong positioning of one skin element on Rainmeter v3 and before


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I rarely comment but this here is some nice work you've done. Thanks a lot🙂