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Rainmeter: Simple HiDPI Aware 19.08

It is a simplistic and flat skin, which unlocks the awesomeness of HiDPI for Rainmeter. That means skins are sharp on a scaled screen on each scale level. The problem thats was solved is that the scaling is taken over by Windows itself, which scales a already rendered skin object to a blurry one. A enclosed dll sets the dpi awareness flag for Rainmeter at runtime and thus the automatic scaling is disabled. It also provides the scale factor in the variable #$#, which can be used in all skins by including '@_Internal/'.

Known issues:
o non hidpi aware skins are wrong scaled
o sometimes wrong positioning of one skin element on Rainmeter v3 and before


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i applied the skin and its great! but It seemed to make all my rainmeter skins much smaller, any idea what I can do to fix this?

Hi, this issue is known. The scaling is only applied to the hole Rainmeter process. To fix the other skins, you have to integrate the scale factor #$# into it. See the included skins for examples. I mostly extracted the meters into the *.inc files.

How do I install this?

I hope this helps anybody :)

If Rainmeter is installed, you just have to download and install the attached *.rmskin file. After that you can load the skins like every other skin. It includes a plugin and adapted skins to workaround the scaling required for HIDPI in Rainmeter.

Nice dude thanks

Great work, but after i use your product all the addons can only be shown in my left top area of the screen. How to solve this problem?

Hi, and thx for your feedback, hopefully my late reply will help. You have to uncheck the „keep on screen„ option for each skin, so you can move them around.

This is a known issue, so the screen scaling is ignored by this option.

Thanks a lot!
Sorry but how can I use it? 
I have a 4k monitor, it works but every time I restart the PC, all skins retourns blurry :/ 
Did you solve the problem, if hidpi resets on restart?
EDIT: I've changed all dimensions on skins with #$#, i've put the plugin in its folder on C Documents/Rainmeter/Plugins and I've added the line @_Internal/ But on debug window, Rainmeter says that resources\_internal/ is unable to read.
What I can do?
Did you copy the in the resource folder of your skin?
What the...?
Your skin is really nice and all this, and I like your solution for scaling, but please never ever ever reset statistics! Unless user asks you to do this, of course.
I'm really upset :( Sorry.
Sorry for that, on my next releases I will remember this.
If you wish to (re)add some statistics, tell me that so I can see what I can do.
It's OK. Statistics for me are not about precise numbers but about approximation of what happened with my computer and how active I used internet.
I've already figured out how to bring back previous values but yeah, it took some time to find out how Rainmeter stores it. 
Hello and thank you for this awesome fix to the long-standing problem of ugly fonts in Rainmeter!
I have an issue, though, in that sometimes the HiDPI setting resets after restart and the only way to enable it seems to bee to reload the layout that contains [BorcklaSkin\RSS\WinFuture] section (I've removed all other sections, so I'm certain it's this one).
At the same time I don't really need this RSS feed, so I turn it off and go back to my regular layout after I've managed to get the HiDPI feature back.
Looking through the code I couldn't understand what is so specific about this meter that turns the HiDPI feature back. Would you know why it is and how to incorporate it into another meter of my own without having to go through the inconvenience of reloading layouts?
Hello and sry for my late reply.
My skin package includes an plugin which enables the hidpi for the hole rainmeter application when it is loaded for the first time. All to do is including [BorcklaSkin\resources\_Internal\] to your skins and use the provided scale factor #$# on all size/position properties.
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I have a 15" inch screen and a 1920x1080 display and this just makes all the skins fit into a box where they can't extend past it.
Hello, i hope i understand the problem: you can't move some skin elements over the screen although there is some space. This can be solved by disabling the option "Keep on screen" for this specific skin element.
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