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As soon as I published the last page of I Will Survive I began to receive insistent requests for a sequel to the tragic story of Nick and Judy's breakup. Although I repeat several times that IWS is a standalone comic, this did not discourage those who were dissatisfied with the ending. Along with the sudden and unexpected return of IWS to the spotlight, even more requests came up for me to make a sequel.

So, despite my reluctance, I decided to accept this challenge. Inspired by one of the films directed by the American filmmaker John Landis, I drafted a storyboard and started to draw a sequel, which I called See You Next Wednesday.

To make you salivate about what's to come, here's a sneak peak:

See You Next Wednesday by borba

See ya!

Update: I want to thank a Reddit user who pointed out a typo in the text above. Thank you! I love you, redditers, despite all your hatred.
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is judy supposed to be in the right?

After watching jaylongbones vid I don`t think so

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Are those...
Are those tombstones...
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To some dudes who were fooled by some fool: This isn't a sequel to a sequel but just a joke I made upon those that wanted me to make an IWS sequel.

Please note the date of this entry: Dec 23, 2017. At the time, I wasn't interested in making any continuation.

I already give it all away when I referred to John Landis' fake film (That he never ever made!) named "See You Next Wednesday". It's a recurrent joke in many of his films.

Sorry, guys.
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 Not gonna lie, I want to see the monster baby 
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Guess what? You got featured on a Cracked listicle:…
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It seems this comic will really survive.
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Yup: you are into legend territory right now =P
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Please tell me that this is still a thing and will be complete soon? I love your comics and style!
Falata muito para estar completa ?

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Depende da Disney.
Ola Borba, sinto que essa sequencia de IWS; vem surpresas ai...
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Borba hustled them. He hustled them good! More than 20,000 times!!! Wink/Razz 
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What do you mean? Was there not really a sequel?
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See borba comment below.

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It's so incredibly vague that it's literally no help.
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Shush!! Don't spoil the surprise!
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Sorry. Too late!!!
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yeah man way to go cant wait
Ola Borba bom começo de ano.
Esse seu comentário sobre uma continuação da historia "I Will Survive", que você postou acima, não sei se vc lembra de min e do meu comentário, que muitos também ficariam pedindo uma possível continuação ou reconciliação dos dois. hehehe

Boa Sorte.  :)
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Bom início de ano e boa sorte para você também, Trapizunga!
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Personally, I wish Borba didn't use such a controversial topic. I'm with Nick, if I found out the girl I loved was pregnant, I'd have shouted it from the rooftops. However, this comic is heart wrenching to me because I wished I was married and had kids myself. I, for one, am hoping for, if not a happy ending, at least one that Nick remains with Judy. Call me Naive, call me hopelessly romantic, I just prefer to smile at the end of the day when I already know there is too much crap happening that's already negative.
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While giving in might be good short term I think this wont help you long term. You need to stay adamant on your stances to keep your work functional. if you dont want your work continue dont leave it up for debate. You are just showing people they have more power over you than you do over them. 
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I'm a little torn right now. On one side, I think IWS is an amazing comic on its own with a very powerful message that doesn't need a sequel; on the other, I would love to know what happened and enjoy yet another high quality comic from you.
I guess I'll just do that: enjoy. ;)
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awful, just awful. I love niudy but it is much better with this dark and sad ending from IWS. With this sequel, you killed IWS.
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