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As soon as I published the last page of I Will Survive I began to receive insistent requests for a sequel to the tragic story of Nick and Judy's breakup. Although I repeat several times that IWS is a standalone comic, this did not discourage those who were dissatisfied with the ending. Along with the sudden and unexpected return of IWS to the spotlight, even more requests came up for me to make a sequel.

So, despite my reluctance, I decided to accept this challenge. Inspired by one of the films directed by the American filmmaker John Landis, I drafted a storyboard and started to draw a sequel, which I called See You Next Wednesday.

To make you salivate about what's to come, here's a sneak peak:

See You Next Wednesday by borba

See ya!

Update: I want to thank a Reddit user who pointed out a typo in the text above. Thank you! I love you, redditers, despite all your hatred.
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is judy supposed to be in the right?

After watching jaylongbones vid I don`t think so