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The Longest Night-28

By borba
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Didn't I say I love happy endings?

A prologue for my Zootopia fan comic Born To Be Alive, which itself is the sequel for the now infamous I Will Survive.

The last page!

Once again, I would like to acknowledge the talents of Matthias Lechner, Jim Martin and Scott Watanabe, amongst others, without whom this modest fan comic could not be realized. Thank you guys!

You can read this comic without watermark and in larger size on my Facebook page:….

The first page:                        The previous page:

Mature Content

The Longest Night - 01 by borba

Mature Content

The Longest Night-27 by borba

Zootopia and all related characters are © 2016/2020 Disney.
This fan comic is © William Borba
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This made my heart go out to all those women in the same, well, 'career choice' just to be able to put food on the table for their kids.

And fine art as well! Thanks for the time put into this.

borba's avatar

Thanks, I loved drawing this one.

Truth-lover3712's avatar

If I may, what made you draw this short comic?

borba's avatar

I was just wondering how the anonymous part of Zootopia lived their lives.

Truth-lover3712's avatar

Like many other rejects in this life, eh. :/

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They should make a fanfiction where Nick and get together with this Vixen in the future and becomes the father that little girl
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luv it!

havent read the others (currently reading: Born to be alive)

but is there more?

I just luved it!

this ending is so...sweet, yet has a certain sad, nostalgic sensation to it

like some sort of impending doom, just hiding in the shadows


borba's avatar


there are more comics


I Will Survive

I Want To Dream Of You Forever-01

I Want to Dream of You Forever

ZPD's Party Night - 01

ZPD's Party Night

Hopps Family Ties - 01

Hopps Family Ties

At The Naturalist Club - 04

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An Afternoon At The Mall - 01

An Afternoon At the Mall

Nick and Judy Halloween Special 01

Nick and Judy Halloween Special (two parts)

Night Howlers Effect - pg01

and Night Howlers Effect

amongst others

thanks for enjoying these little fan comics of mine

RootBearLover's avatar

This series is the best thing to ever happen to a modern Disney movie its so gooood. I hope you take your time on the final part and make this masterpiece finished. My only complaint is i like the black and white manga style way more but i understand color expands the potential audience, maybe release the black and white version? But i liked the strategic use of color in the last page of born to be alive, it gave it a strong crescendo effect. Godspeed mate!

borba's avatar

The series's last installment has some key moments entirely based on colours, so these changes were absolutely necessary.

Anyway, due to its contents and tone, I decided that publishing it in this awful 2020 would not be the best idea. The publication was postponed to 2021.

Thanks for enjoying this comic, by the way ;-)

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Who's the dad? Is it someone else that had flung with her, or does she have someone? She obviously isn't a full Arctic wolf.

This is adorable btw.

borba's avatar

She is not an Arctic wolf. Nadja and her cub are purebred Arctic foxes (vixens). So Anya's father is also a purebred Arctic fox. Nick never met Nadja before that night.

In the image below you can see an actual Arctic fox cub:

DragonLoveFilms's avatar

Oh, had no idea, neat!

mrpowermzf's avatar

Can this be continued

borba's avatar

Sorry, but this is an one-shot comic.

shatteredglasscomic's avatar

That's a very warm ending. I've found your comic today and the artwork is amazing!

borba's avatar

Thanks for enjoying this little fan-comic of mine! :D

pholkopolis's avatar

What a sweet ending. Thank you, Mr. Borba: it's heart-warming.

borba's avatar

Glad you liked it. Many people doesn't believe when I say I love happy endings.

Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Pickled ducklings are her favorite.
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Nick is in shambles. The love of his life betrayed him, his unborn child was aborted without his permission, and his is lonely. Most people in that state would be too frustrated to be nice to others suffering or in need; so by helping someone else, even in his worst moments, it cements what a good person he still is.

xbalnque243's avatar

the tragedy of somebody it's the tresure of someone :y

fdpower's avatar

So Will there be more I would like to see what happens between the Vixen and nick

Sikudhanii's avatar

When I first read this page idiot me tried to figure out if her baby was mixed species. Until I remembered that baby Arctic Foxes are a grey-brownish color until they start to mature.

Wonder if her father was a “client“ or a past relationship gone sour.

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