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Night Howlers Effect - pg01

A fancomic I've made as a homage to the movie Zootopia by Disney.

Here, Nick and Judy are a couple and living together at her new place, a decent apartment located at a nicer place. For some strange reason, the apartment looks like that one in which a certain guy named Jerry Seinfeld lived. XP
Here is the link to page #2.

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are © Disney.
This fancomic is © William Borba
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© 2016 - 2021 borba
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merdicano's avatar
That son of a vixen
Emar4art's avatar
Lol Nick surprising Judy
brigetmiget's avatar
nice comic and love how the place looks like the appartment in seinfeild ironic thing is im watching that while writeing this
borba's avatar
That was a great series!
brigetmiget's avatar
twinboy1995's avatar
I see a dark figure in the final panel this is not going to end well
R101D's avatar
You have great drawing skills. This a great comic strip
borba's avatar
its wonder the story, im in shock and i want the end! im nervius!!!1
Jojocoso's avatar
Las texturas y las sombras están excelentes, el trabajar una historia en blanco y negro y darle todos esos efectos resalta de una manera sobresaliente el dibujo. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Great style :thumbsup: really. :-)
Dark-seid's avatar
poor bunny .. she looks so dejected
the-ever-eternal's avatar
anyone else hear the tension theme from out of this world In panel 3?

nekoshappiness33's avatar
She is either going to be eaten or have the greatest sex of her life with Nick.  Or both.  Good times are coming! :iconinushiftyplz:
RaveRaccoon's avatar
Cant wait for page 2! =D
Reiska's avatar
Oh dear bunny, can't you smell him and his overwhelming testosterone ? ;)
borba's avatar
Wait for the page #2! :D
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