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I Will Survive - 01

First page out of a total of 25.

Now, as a change, we have a real dramatic story. There is no room for laughter in this one.

In this comic, Nick and Judy are living together in the bunny's apartment, which is much bigger and better than the previous one and is the same that appears in "Night Howler Effect" and "DPZ's Party Night". For some funny reason, it's very similar to Jerry Seinfeld's :XD: . The two are not married and are still cops, but on the day this story takes place they are off.

Raimundo1941 hizo una interesante versión en español. Haga clic aquí para ver la primera página.

LokiSnack сделала интересный фандуб на русском языке. Нажмите сюда, чтобы проверить это!

Zootopia and all related characters are © Disney.
This comic is © William Borba.
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Stupid question: Will their be a colored version?

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No question is stupid, if you have any questions please let me know.

But the answer is no, I don't intend to colourize this comic. Black and white is necessary to convey the atmosphere of this story.

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Yeah that make sense. With only the last page of BTBA being color, and the entire comic of NCSG being color (uhh except page 17 of course.)

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The link says 69 TWICE.

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*spits late night coffee out in confusion*

I love this comic

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Surprised PikachuJudy be looking at those Pregancy Test results like it's a lottery. LolBlown Away

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This is usually just the unwanted confirmation of something her body was already signalling about.

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question why are you posting this comic again?

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I am not doing that, I'm just letting DA users post comments again.

"WHY BORBA?? WHY MAKE US RELIVE THE TRAGEDIES" was originally what I thought I would say but re-reading this first page, the page that started this gigantic mass of people who now check their deviant art pages daily to see if there are any updates, I feel passive.

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I this a reposting of the prior 'I will survive' or a retelling?

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It's the same. I'm just letting DA users post comments again.

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Ya over posting this again?

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I'm just letting DA users post comments here again.

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wait, why are you posting this all over again?

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No, I'm just letting DA users post comments here again.

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ya posting this over again?

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Its just like taking a walk down good old memory lane or Groundhog Day. Whichever.....

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