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Hopps Family Ties - 03

By borba
The last page of this very short comic. But don't worry — I promise the next one will be even shorter.
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Zootopia and all related characters are © Disney
This comic is © William Borba
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© 2017 - 2021 borba
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ahh remember reading this from back in the day. still entertaining

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Is Stu completely oblivious to what his wife was doing in the past with his cousin Tom or is he just acting as a tamed cuckold and trolling Bonnie?

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Ah, family reunions can be so fun and awkward. LOL :D

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Did someone notice the wedding ring on judy´s left paw? Does that leed us to think Nick and Judy are finally married or what?

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In this short comic they are. This is already stated on the first page.

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A bunny with horns?

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ahahahahahahah Hilarious man
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I don't know what everyone is embarrassed about.  With the way rabbits get it on, this is probably a very common occurrence.  More than half Judy's siblings are probably sired by someone other than Stu. 
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yeap, that should be a normal thing in that universe too.
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Extramarital affairs and cuckoldry being regular routines for bunny life in Zootopia? I don't think so, this is already a universe where predators don't eat prey animals, and most animals think clothing is necessary. And apparently a 30 pounder bunny can knock down a rhino in a boxing match without breaking any bones first. Just like no matter how fast you propel an egg, it's not going to shatter a rock without it shattering first. Simple physics.

Unless we are specifically shown otherwise, we should assume things there in Zootopia work pretty much like human societies.

If you really want a "true to animal world on Earth" setting, mommy rabbits would kill babies when they are having a bad day (I've seen one kill another mother's baby by snapping the baby's spine in two), and male rabbits may fight violently for mates, and they'd all be eating their own poop very regularly as not a choice but just as vital to health as vegetables.

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Looks like even the Hopps family isn't above infidelity. 
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Honestly I'm starting to wonder if that's what I think is normal in the bunny Burrows area.
That expression... That expression on Tom's face! He KNOWS! & he knows that Nick & Judy KNOW! & he doesn't give a rat's backside!

He's just standin' there all like, "I'm just here to watch the fireworks explode..."
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I think he's a natural troll Troll 
Like, Classic Troll that would pester you, but it was to teach a very real & important message, the way that Discord from MLP tends to be? Or a Modern Troll? The kind who starts stuff just to watch everyone's misery & doesn't really care about all the badness he's causing?

As it stands, I only see Tom as mischievous if a bit shameless, but he doesn't really seem to mean any harm. I mean, he might be chucklin' on the inside but would he want to really start chaos between Stu & Bonnie or would he just let it go & snicker at how uncomfortable Bon is getting?

These are questions that need to be answered, dangit, 'cause I think that I'm startin' to like that guy & he's barely spoken a few words!
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:lmao: NICK, NO!!! LOL Don't call him Dad!! Dear lordy, this is the funniest thing I ever seen!
BlackjackMLP's avatar
That was fukin' perfect.
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