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Hopps Family Ties - 02

By borba
Bonnie gets even more embarrassed on this page, if that's possible. Lighten up, Bon — We all do wild things when we're young!…

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TorturedArtist745's avatar
Yikes! Too much info.:o (Eek) 
SharingIdeias's avatar
Hahahaha. É claro que ele sabia da "escapulida" da mulher com o primo Tom. Está com ênfase em negrito a "aventura" dela.
… I dunno. Somethin' about this just feels like Tom & Stu are both in cahoots to prank Bon for tryin' to keep it all quiet for so long... I'm not sure why though.
FoxfangJohn0056's avatar
Maybe because it's practically emphasised in Stu's dialogue, and Tom ain't complaining.

I mean, Stu Hopps ain't the brightest, but even he's not that thick.
CrabTasterMan's avatar

I love, I mean loathe, how Bonnie does not even have the moral capacity to even shut up and sulk in shame over the mention her wrongdoing, but has the gall to complain it is her husband who should shut up.

FoxfangJohn0056's avatar
Uuuuhhh, she is rather embarrassed about it, up until it hits her breaking point.

Please note that she doesn't get violent, unlike other people who HAVE done such things, but did as you said, rather than try to not lose her temper or even hit her husband, Stu.

Sides, Nick likely adds to her embarrassment when he 'Slips up' at Greeting Judy's Da- I mean, Uncle, Tom.
CrowleysPyramid's avatar
Love how Tom simply does not care... I like thinking he kept Bonnie up to date on how many other 'siblings' Judy's unaware of.

Maybe he made sure to seduce some other happily married bunny moms. Just so she wouldn't feel too guilty for giving into his charms.
CrabTasterMan's avatar

Excuse me? You are supporting the act of lying and getting another spouse to raise a child he did not father. And if Judy Hopps is not Bonnie's eldest child, it means Bonnie has been outright cheating on Stu.

"Maybe he made sure to seduce some other happily married bunny moms. Just so she wouldn't feel too guilty for giving into his charms."

So just to make one woman feel less "guilty" (as if everyone else was doing it suddenly washes away a certain sin), you think it is "sweet" for a guy to wreck more homes?

bbb35's avatar
Yes, Stop stu!! :rofl: LOL Can't you graps it!? :D :giggle:
Budzillakingofbeer's avatar
Bonnie gave birth to just ONE Kit! There is no Jill, Jackie or goddamned Jade.
borba's avatar
Hey, take it easy! That was the only time where she gave birth to just one kitten, an exception for her. Normally, she had twelve or fourteen babies in each one of her 21 litters.
yohishi12's avatar
AND THE NEW CHAMPION OF TOTAL BLINDNESS IS ..... STU!!! for my cousin made a child with my wife . Bravo Bravo Bravo (in french) Nous aplodissons STU de n'avoir jamais remarquer qu'il a était tromper 1 fois sans jamais se demander si sa fille et vraiment SA fille XD
borba's avatar
C'est possible que Stu connaisse vraiment ce que Bonnie a fait et ne fait que jouer de la folie.
OH GOD STU REALLY DO YOU REALLY NOT!? *slams face against table*
borba's avatar
Stu is either a simpleton or a great troll!
… I'm gonna put my faith in Stu & say that he DOES know & he's not only gotten over it, (probably by talking it out between Tom & Bon, but leaving Judy clueless) but he's at the point where he just loves pokin' fun about it at his wife.
Bloorigard2's avatar
Maybe Stu is just trolling them all? Maybe he actually knows?
whenyinmetyang's avatar
Cousin Tom apparently makes a bad dad if he did that. Didn't even visit -um.... gonna stop talking now. 
Roa-Hate's avatar
There's something unexpectly cute about stu lack of... well... common sense 
RedstoneArmy's avatar
Very good drawed, but i have one question: Does stu know that (i hope i got this right XD) "thing" i dont wanna say?
borba's avatar
Fortunately for him (or not), he's blissfully unaware.
KAHsprin's avatar
ok so Judy is that guy's and Bonnie's kit?

you did a little twist there
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