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Hopps Family Ties - 01

By borba
In this story, Nick and Judy are a married couple and go to Bunny Burrow to spend the holidays with the Hopps family. But someone who had been away for many years was back home, leaving a certain bunny very dismayed.

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TorturedArtist745's avatar
Mrs. Hopps, are you hiding something?;) (Wink) 
Chocoecaramell's avatar
Psycox1890's avatar
Why Bonnie? Why you didnt aborted Judy Hopps? She like abortion so she wont have any problem
Chocoecaramell's avatar
well i dunno \oTo/
she wanted to have the kid so yeah
also bunnies :v bunnies basically mate with any bunny they can found 
whenyinmetyang's avatar
Omigosh this is awkward. Dad's last line was certainly ironic. Ma's blush doesn't help either.
Cutepegasister121's avatar
oooooh I know who he is
TheAveragePencil2013's avatar
Hmmmm Tom looks very similar to Judy Ooooooh $H!T
CamossDarkfly's avatar
Judy OMG - Icon Thought bubble (1of2 - Left side) - Icon GIF Oh, sweet honey iced tea...Thought bubble (2of2 - Right side) - Icon GIF 
devi-devi5's avatar
Well given the sexual promiscuity of rabbits and the sentience they have in this world, something tells me that cheating or active whores are quite common in Bunnyburrow. Whether or not anyone cares is anyone's guess. That being said, this is awkward af. Stu is so blissfully ignorant it hurts.
destroyer696's avatar
Oh God NO! That would mean Judy will be cheating on Nick!
devi-devi5's avatar
She doesn't live in Bunnyburrow. The thing this comic is saying is that Bonnie had sex with this cousin which gave birth to Judy. In other words, cheated on Stu.
destroyer696's avatar
I got what comic is saying (it's pretty clear). I meant what you said, that bunnies are... susceptible to cheat due to their spieciest traits. That would mean Judy would likely cheat on Nick
devi-devi5's avatar
Here's the thing. Bunnies irl usually stick with one mate their whole life. Now in this universe, they are sentient. Given their species' constant being in heat during mating season, they can have sex and give birth to several litters over the span of a few months. Now if said bunnies were sentient, they would have a want for sex and if their lover can't provide it, who's to say they wouldn't look elsewhere. 

Now as for Judy, who is always trying to break the mold and prove stereotypes wrong, I highly doubt she would embrace this and cheat on Nick. Besides, I don't think any bunny could compare to his fox dick XD.
destroyer696's avatar
I see what you did there... now were talking
Looks like Bonnie is not so happy that Tom is there with them XD

let´s see what happens next :) 
Tiavik's avatar
so Judy is a Rare X3
Helixsin's avatar
Well..she's got a bit of explaining to do. We should all take bets on how it happened; an ex?, drugs?, drinking too much?, there's quite a few possibilities here.
AeshaLacrymosa's avatar
Gray fur, white palms and muzzle, black ear tips...WAIT A MINUTE.
Your work is nearly perfect; keep it up. And, a wonderful holiday to you and yours as well.
FinnickAbrenica09's avatar
Wait, what? Judy's married?
borba's avatar
In this comic, Judy and Nick are married since two years ago.
FinnickAbrenica09's avatar
Okay thanks. Merry Christmas to you Borba!
senestran's avatar
Oh my... A really great and interesting one !
Rieth1's avatar
Poor innocent cinnamon bun Stu is too good for that cheating hussy Bonnie

Stu Hopps Crying Emoticon. 
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