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One p = 5 Points. May change.

Changes on previous protocols. These are more precise and simple instructions. I changed some stuff to earn points:

Any of these are free. You can also have all of its rights.
  • Persona of any deviant (can draw according to description)
  • Fursona of any deviant (can draw according to description)
  • Your deviation in Boraini’s Style
  • Your deviation in Nintendo/Bandai Namco, STARCO, Gravity Falls, Generic Manga, MLAATR, Power Puff Girls, Gorillaz style.
  • Deviations about any of the above fandoms
  • Boraini’s Style rendering using Blender.

Before paying for the following, please tell me what you want. You may have it cheaper.

These cost 1p:
  • Others’s deviations in any of the above styles. When third-party people are included in the plan things take longer, even sometimes halt.
  • Deviations about any other fandoms. If the fandom is yours it is free. I can even have an autograph.
  • Completely hand-made Boraini’s Style.

These cost 2p:
  • Traditional style manga. I am gathering materials currently.

These cost 4p:
  • Deviations dealing with too much maturity. I am flexible about the cost, however. I love looking at the mature stuff I drew, to be honest.
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