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Mickey no more

By bopchara
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for a "Mickey Mouse" fight with :iconboris-dyatlov: :iconverehin: :iconkirillchepizhko: :icongottsnake:
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The nootseys are funnies haha
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Despite being old, this drawing shows exactly what Disney will become: a monstrous monopoly that can in the future take all other movie studios if they don't start to recover and make sucessfull blockbuster movies.:fear:
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This was done a while ago but it SO right now. I love this.
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Idk why this is here but it's awesome
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Well one thing is for sure Right now,Disney is a Mess.
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Wow, very nice. So right on with their political leanings and the whole "must protect our garbage movies at all costs!!"
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You sure this isn't the actual Disney of today? Because with Disney buying big shit, it's too relevant. :XD:
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Yo, do you mind if i use this picture for my blog? I'll give credit. Thanks in advance.
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Love this piece! AND FUCK DISNEY! The Last Jedi was a total crap and most of all THAT WAS AN END OF STAR WARS. Thanks, for ruining the greatest franchise of all time, femi-nazi SJW cunts.
Earth-Dreamers's avatar
There has to be a much better reason to hate on TLJ other than "femi-nazi SJW cunts"
FotusKnight's avatar
Earth-Dreamers's avatar
Really mature response, pal. "Boo-hoo, I think Disney ruin SW, so let's call them feminazi SJW cunts, because that's totally not at all a stupid idea"
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It's funny because the Mickey is doing a "Hail Hitler" salute and the Germans hated him at first, and that's humorous in this context XD
Vader2222's avatar
For führer disney! (Soldiers start marching and chanting in unison) M-I-C-K-E-Y M-A-U-S
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Should I favourite this?
KarelMatejka's avatar
better than anything! I love it 
LeogrimArts's avatar
What marvelous humor...or is it a near reality?
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