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On the topic of death
To die, I think, would be an interesting experience. Not the physical act of dying, to be sure, but the absolution of the final word. The final blink. The last breath, snatched from our lips, always sooner than we would like. None of us know, of course, what death is like. None have lived to tell the tale. Yet what a relief it must be, from the constant task of existing, that is all we have ever known. To be nothing. To feel nothing, is unimaginable, but somehow, so desirable. Us mere mortals can do naught but wait, and wait for Death to choos his moment. Though we are all followed by the shadow that is indeed Death, there is one thingwe can be sure of-Death is nothing but a horizon, and a horizon is nothing but the very edge of our vision.
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 1 1
A small slice of nothing
It just takes that much
That little glance
When she moves seats
The hushed words
It takes just a moment to look
And see that I still
Don’t belong.
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The gates to my heart...?
The gates to my heart
A brick wall
A fluttering heart
A fleeting thought
It is here that we part
Dancing fingers
Playing on a leaf
Mouth moves
Clenching its teeth
A chin sticks out
Eyes shall not cry
A wobbling lip
I will defy
And then it comes
Dignity fails
Eyes blink hard
Heart quails
A lip is bitten
Now this is war
I shut the gates
I want no more
The dam spills over
It was full to the brim
Tears spill out
My thoughts weren't a whim
A head droops
A face drenched in water
The gates burst open
There within, is slaughter
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 1 18
Oh god
please don't go
Don't leave me
I need you
Oh god
I can't think
what will it be like
when you're...
oh god
i love you too much
you can't give up now
Don't leave me
It's not your time
Oh god
Don't go
I need you
Right here beside me
You're too wonderful
What about those murderers?
They get prison
You are dying
You have no second chance
Oh god
We need you
All of us
Please stay
I can't beleive you left
you left us to our tears
you gave up
Or did you?
did you just lose that round
to win the next?
I can't beleive you left
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 2 21
You keep a book of secrets
You keep a book of secrets
You keep it by your arm
You won’t let me read it
As if I might do it harm
You keep a book of secrets
You keep it secretly
You won’t let me have a peek
It’s not like it’s messy
You keep a book of secrets
You won’t show it to me
I know we all have secrets
Things others shouldn’t see
You keep a book of secrets
But it’s more than just a book
You show it to your best friend
But you won’t let me look
You keep a book of secrets
But it’s more than just a book
It’s our friendship snapping shut
Or am I just a silly chook?
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 1 20
A dog and a man
Stand side by side
As equals.
Just as they are
Until the man
Decides he is better
And looks right down
His filthy nose
At the animal beside him
He gets out his stick
And his whip
And he hits
Oh, how he hits
The dog cowers
And cowers
It remembers a time
When man and dog
Stood side by side
As equals
He thinks it will come again
So he trusts
That his master
Will come right
So faithfully
He stands side by side
With his master
And in his dreams
They are equals.
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 0 6
Sticks and stones
Sticks and stones
You call me names
I stick out my chin
They can’t hurt me
For the time being
At night
The reality shocks me
And my pillow is my handkerchief
For broken hearts
Out friendship has disintegrated
Torn thread from thread
But I carry on
Sticks and stones,
Sticks and stones.
The next day
You ignore me
The silence is the harshest
At least before
You were talking
That night
My pillowcase is my friend
I wish you were again
But I must carry on
Sticks and stones,
Sticks and stones.
You’ve taken the bond
That lay between me and you
And let’s not forget
The happiness
You turn your closest friends
And make them see from your point of view
More unnecessary enemies
That night
My pillow is my island
To hide away in
It starts to rain
Sticks and stones
Sticks and stones.
Our friendship is long gone
The threads have been swept away
By the merciless wind
I cannot understand
So I won’t try to
But now
The island is real
It is isolation
No-one is my friend
Except m
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 1 17
The soft gooey mixture
melts in my mouth
not quite cooked yet
I put it back in the oven
but already I long for more
the delicious apple cake
has been long in the making
but I know
that it wont take long
to finish off
my stomach grumbles
my mouth salivates
its nearly ready
I smell that cake smell
I take it deep in
to keep it on occasions
when I have no food
as good as this
its out!
But still
The icing is to be done
Perfectly scraped over
Ready to eat
I nibble delicately
At the thin bottom
I work my way upwards
Gorging like a pig
And save the best for last
The icing
Is still soft
There is nothing
Save a few crumbs
Left of my delicacy
But the smell
Lingers on
By Booyakashin ©
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 0 11
SP husband by booyakashin SP husband :iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 1 10 South Park Me by booyakashin South Park Me :iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 2 17
Expensive shoes that dont fit
Expensive shoes that dont fit
You have a crisis at work
at school
at grandmas
at home
you have low self-esteem
that can all change
for a couple of
the womans paradise
and haven
the mall
you try on shoes
and shoes
and more
it is your escape
your fortress
to immerse yourself in
while all your troubles
are swept away
you choose the most expensive
the cute little high heels
with a seductive pattern
printed daintily
across the top
you imagine how great it will be
to show your husband
your latest pair of shoes
and your credit card bill
with about 700$
on it so far
you know
you have gone too far
as soon as you get home
you put them on
hoping to delight him with them
and just now
you see
they are far
too small
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 0 20
Online Dating
online dating
you do it for laughs
i mean,
come on
what harm can it do?
just a little bit of fun
until you find out the person is a total
they start to call you
they hack into your email
and send you strange emails
they stalk youtheycut your phone line
and come over
to your house
you start to panic
how do they know
where you live?
you pick up the phone
the line is dead
the door bangs open
and there he is
your stalker
at least twice the age
he said he was
kinda creepy looking
you get your cellphone
the line
is dead
he comes to you
you check your pulse
are dead.
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 0 12
Dangerous, untameable animals
But able to make friends
you treat them right
They do what they want
when you use hte whip
just imagine
a bigger you
whipping you
with a whip
your hindquarters hurt
you are all sweaty
your legs are tiring
yet still
you whip yourself
imagine a large crowd
yelling at you
while whipping yourself
on your hindquarters
by a large you
so heavy
that your legs are tired
but there is another lap
imagine the torture
of being put through this
and over
imagine what happens
when you win.
Oh the glory!
it just means
you have to keep racing
Imagine what happens
when you lose
you get a beating
you get one chance
if your lucky
and then
your dogfood.
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 0 22
Bad Eggs
Bad Eggs
Its that smell again
That nasty one
That one as if someone
Has just farted
After eating
Bad eggs
Evil cheese,
Most likely
She enjoys farting
I smell bad eggs all the time
At Christmas
When mum serves up bad egg
At Hamner
When the sulphur pools
Are stinkier than ever
But particularly
When evil cheese
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 0 6
They rule my life
They express my emotions
The virtual me
Why write?
Why put all my feelings
Into a whole long sentence?
When there is an emoticon
To do it for me
There is one for when im happy
One for when im sad
At least three for when im angry
And a couple for when I feel bad
I can put a whole day
Or even a whole week
Or a month
Into one
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 0 10
Chocolate chips are melting,
In your mouth
The soft, delicious dough
Crumbles delicately
In your mouth
Fresh out of the oven
Just right
In your mouth
Mum always makes the best
They are perfect
In your mouth
Your brothers rush in
And ask where the cookies are
You smile to yourself
You know where they are
In the right place
In your mouth.
:iconbooyakashin:booyakashin 0 8


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Wow, Deviant art, it sure has been a while..... about 2-3 years. a lot has changed.... let's see if it's all still as interesting as I remember.
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