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Merpony Concept

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Long story short: one of my old, unfinished passion projects was a story that involved sea ponies and merponies. As such, I've played a bit with seapony and merpony designs. This is an example of that experimentation. Concept art, basically. She sorta ended up between merpony and seapony, given that seahorse-esque snout, but I'd say she's closer to merpony. I kinda wanted a mane that acted both like hair and a fin at the same time.

This is another kinda-old one, from early 2016. I was still getting used to Inkscape, back then. As you might notice, I used Fleur as a base for her face. You may also recognize that I used this as a poster in the background of the Partay Time cover (…). I needed something to put back there, I had this lying around, and so I tossed it in.

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