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Keep Dreaming, Loser

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Just an idea I had, one night. Figured it'd be fitting for her. Getting more comfortable with multicolored shading.
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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic owned by Hasbro and created by Lauren Faust.
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I will just turn around.
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Turn around, Aria.
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Aria: Keep dreaming losers

Me: Bring in the distraction

Trio: *Comes out naked* Look Aria we're twins.  

Aria: *Looks away* 

Trio: Look at my thing floating in the air. 

Aria: *covers his thing with her left hand* TRIO, have you no decency?

Aria: *realizes her mistake* DARN IT!

Me: Hehehe,  
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Haha lol! 

Gotta love the Sirens :3
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Britannia: Fine I didnt fancy you anyways and I already have a girlfriend who and dare I say much more sexier than you so see ya *MLG* Bitch!

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Oh come on Aria, just a little peak. Please :)
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Oh Slickmane, Aria doesn't have to be ashamed. After all, one guy is gonna take his pants off. XD
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