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I just felt like drawing someone crying.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic owned by Hasbro and created by Lauren Faust.
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* doors opens and head peeks out*

Me: sunset? *walks towards her with a worried look * you okay? Did you have a bad nightmare? *sits on the bed and gives her a caring, gentle, and loving hug* it's okay, everything is going to be alright, I'm here with you and I'm not going anywhere. * gives a kiss on her forehead and my forehead against hers * I love you very much, okay? * kisses her on the lips in a loving way * I'll stay with you until morning, okay?

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Poor Sunset Shimmer.

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Me: Hey, What is the Problem ?

Sunset: "Still Crying" it was a Nightmare About What Happened that Night "Cry Louder"

Me: "Sit next to her and Hug Her" There, There it's gonna be okay

Sunset: "Smells" How Can You be Sure ?

Me: Well, You Had Done It All Because Nobody Showed You the Right Way To Do It, And Just Like The Mane 5, I Will Be Here to Help You

Sunset: Y-you Promise ?

Me: I Promise

"Sunset Smiled through her tears and put her head on my shoulder still in my Arms"

Sunset: Thank you "whispering"

Me: Your welco......... Sunset ?

She Starts to Sleep Holding me And with a Smile on her Face, But I Can't Get out, So i Had to stay the rest of the night by your side, i Smiled and put my hand on her head

Me: Good Night My Dear Sunny......."Mouthpiece And Sleep"

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Doctor Kirby: Sunset, are you okay?

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I think it's Anon-Miss.

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No it's after the Fall Formal

Notice the tattered jacket

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Aww, she deserves a hug! Also, awesome work!

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Sam: Sunset, what’s wrong?

Max: What happened:worry:?

Sunset Shimmer: Dad, Max, I had the most horrible dream! I dreamt some monster was trying to kill me:tears:!

Max: *gasp*

Sunset Shimmer: I was so scared:cries::cling:!

Sam: Shh-shh. There, there, sweetheart.
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*Lin Chung (from Hero 108…) sensed Sunset's dream with his Harmonic energy and felt sorry for her before sending her a letter to let her know she wasn't alone and that he was on her side no matter what*
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Is this after her breakup with Flash? I actually think that was part of the reason she went to steal Twilight's crown. The timing just seemed a little too coincidental.
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Sunset: "What a terrible nightmare! Ones and zeros everywhere! And I think I saw a two!"
Twilight: "There, there, Sunset. Don't be silly. There's no such thing as a two."

Let me know if you get the reference.
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Nice Futurama reference!
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I Think She Want His Daddy Name Paul Davidson
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Paul Davidson's Daughter Crying 
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Me: Sunset, What's Wrong? Why are you crying?
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Me: What's wrong Sunset?
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Can I use this for my audio drama? Of course, I'm gonna credit you! 
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As long as you credit me, yeah, feel free to use it.
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Twilight: Sunset, what's wrong?
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That's not what the description says.
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