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AY OKAY SO YOU KNOW SOMETHING? I thought to myself, "Harhar, I have everything description-wise already done"

since he was in HPA and all, but I totally redid most of it :iconthiskillsthemanplz: SO DON'T BE AFRAID TO GIVE IT A FUCKIN LOOKSEE ALL RIGHT Magnify 

I can't wait to fuckin party!!!!!!!! Check the MISC section at the very bottom for the full resolution app art.

" It is we who must face the storm at the peak of its blight. "

" For in the wake of its terror blooms a hope that we cannot possibly fathom. "

" The sacrifice of several will not be in vain. "

" Trust me now. Trust in their lingering presence! "

" W e   a r e   a   w a y w a r d   m e n a c e. "


Name and Status
Henry Rutabaga [ Deceased ]

Age and Grade
18 [ Sophomore ]

Date of Birth
September 12th


5'6" (168 cm)

Super High School Level
The Pianist  "Allow me a listen, and for you I will unravel not a replica but something completely re-imagined."

A musician of Henry's caliber is one highly skilled in the art of improvisation. Whether gracing the keys of a grand piano or an electric keyboard, he's managed to hone his craft through freestyle strides, adapting radio hits into classical arrangements, mashing multiple songs into one fluid piece, and collaborating with other artists on a moment's notice. Understandably, he isn't one for reading sheet music.
Henry will readily claim his fame stems from four things coexisting at once: his age, his ability to play by ear, his use of vocals, and his absence of vision.

With that said, being at a super *high school* level, there is still room for improvement. His goals for the future include being able to sing and play quickly (and only when it comes to singing as his favourite style of playing is fast-paced ragtime), learning how to properly read and play sheet music note for note, and figuring out how to operate a loop pedal.

Special Notes
Ethnicity and Homeland
Russian-Jewish [ Ontario, Canada ]

Key Features and Quirks
► Has three freckles/moles/whatever by his left eye (our right). Eye colour is very pale blue; his pupils are white and possess a white ring around them.
► Head of wavy grey hair that flips upwards on either side no matter wet or styled differently. Sometimes he'll comb it—other times, he'll go about his day with bedhead.
► Henry's other quirks include the eerie ability to be able to look directly at you and sometimes sense when you're about to touch him.

► Walking cane that is able to fold into three parts. He caries it with him about 75% of the time. Attempts to take it from him will be met with an even firmer grip on the handle.
► Golden iPhone (comes with charger and earbuds) with its voice-over accessibility feature turned on. He often relies on an app called TapTapSee to read text and identify objects around him.

► Antique wooden crate of assorted vinyls.
► As per furniture, Henry would most likely just have an electric keyboard that sits at the foot of his bed. See gifts and purchases for more.
► His wardrobe consists of black jeans, button-ups, sweaters, some t-shirts, sweatpants, dress shoes, and mismatched patterned socks.

Acquired From the Isle

Gifts and Purchases
018. Sweet Bun Bag115. Gachapon115. Gachapon115. Gachapon
116. Present116. Present116. Present

018. Sweet Bun Bag (gifted by Toby)
"Filled with a variety of sweet breads, including melon and peanut butter flavors. The bag has a logo of Hansel & Gretel."

115. Gachapon
"It's a pair of Gucci sunglasses. Aside from a Guy Fieri patterned t-shirt, what's more stylish than that?!"

115. Gachapon
"A set of antlers to be displayed on your wall as a hunting trophy. Sometimes, you feel as if you can still hear the cry of the prey as if it was moments before it left this cruel world behind... Hardcore!"

115. Gachapon (gifted by Yoshida)
"It's an elegant, black-finished music box. The box is coated in lovely silver embellishments, and is held shut by a sturdy silver clasp. Upon opening the box, a beautiful melody begins to emanate from the ornate object. There are no dancing figures or mirrors inside, however, one can find a compartment perfect for storing an assortment of tiny trinkets which otherwise might be lost. Not only is it quite beautiful, but it's rather useful too!"

116. Present (gift)
"It's the book Murder on the Orient Express. The classic by Agatha Christie—in braille, of course! Hopefully you're not tired of murder mysteries yet."

116. Present (self purchase)
"It's a portable, brown record player with gold-plated corners and a leather handle."

116. Present (gifted by Toby)
"It's a Grand Piano?! Where, when, or how Toby found such a thing, no one knows. Not even Toby! All he remembers is getting lost and stumbling upon the instrument."


Henry's demeanour is that of an outgoing friend who's known you your whole life, and although he would prefer to stay home and practice on his keyboard all day, it's because of whom he was raised by that he's a generally sociable person (or at least he tries to be). While some social cues may go over his head, he nevertheless enjoys the moments where he can hear you speaking through a smile. On the contrary, he doesn't exactly have much experience dealing with melancholic atmospheres. These will cause him to draw a blank.

Anything you say to Henry can and will be turned into a joke. Being the playful individual he is, these are mostly in jest and nothing antagonistic! Some stupid questions might be met with stupid answers, but more often than not he'll just laugh it off. While some may see his chronic "charm" as annoying, others may find him easy to converse with. When times turn grim, however, he does have enough tactfulness in him to know when to stop.

There is often a comical or threatening air about Henry's forwardness. If you try to shut the door on him, he's the type to jam his foot in the doorway. He's not opposed to speaking his mind despite the consequences, nor does he get embarrassed easily. If there's something you want to know about him, just ask! Likewise, he may think others are as open as he is.

Henry's ultra receptive to the bad or confusing behaviour of others. If you constantly act out of hand, while he may not take kindly to it, he'll at least try and understand why it is you act the way you do. It's very difficult for him to develop an absolute hatred for someone because of this. This part of his personality is especially apparent in trials where he will play devil's advocate so as to level the playing field and keep any bias out.

CREEPY . . . |
Sometimes Henry says and does things that are rather off.
Whether he's joking or not, you'll never know, but there's nothing that can really explain how it is he's able to look directly into your eyes if you were to say something controversial.


"I miss him so much. You don't know how hard it is to see him there on the TV and think to myself: look at how successful, look how happy he is."
Я так скучаю по нему. Вы не знаете, как трудно это. Я вижу его по телевизору и думаю: Посмотрите на то, насколько счастливый— Посмотрите на то, насколько успешный он.

"I miss him, Ben."

Я скучаю по нему, Бен.

"Don't think for a second I don't understand, Anastasia. I miss him... I miss him too, but he wouldn't be where he's at now if it weren't for us. We did this; we gave him this opportunity."
Не думай, что я не понимаю, Анастасия. Я скучаю по нему... Я тоже по нему скучаю. Но он не был бы там, если бы не мы. Мы сделали это. Мы дали ему эту возможность.

Born in Toronto to members of the Russian mafia, Henry Oswald Gorelov was the only member of his family to become a first-generation citizen outside the motherland.

Canada offered a clean slate and many an opportunity for young fugitives Benjamin and Anastasia. Their branch of the brotherhood had been entrusted with establishing the Gorelov name out west—that is, securing ties with the locals, gathering seedy information on government officials, and snuffing any competition that lie in their path. Ana was the decoy and Ben her kingpin.

Not long after they'd stationed in an apartment in Toronto, the couple would move onto the next step in the long-term plan: carry on the family name. Their English was poor, but the child's would be better. He or she would be an important asset in not only furthering their lineage in the west but playing an easy con's game as a child and making better negotiations in English when they were older. It was the birth of their son that marked the beginning of a new chapter; it was Henry whom they would raise to help them build the western faction from the ground up. Funny enough, it was the child's birth that would be their first major setback in a series of many.

"He's a mistake," his paternal grandparents insisted over the phone, "just like your choice in women." Already, Henry was not what the Gorelov elders were looking for in a child. He was born prematurely, blind, and would eventually be diagnosed on the spectrum. "If you insist that she bear your children, you ought to try again." Naturally, Benjamin was reluctant to surrender his firstborn son. Although his family hadn't approved of Anastasia, and even she grated on his nerves sometimes, he loved the woman. He was a cold enough man that he hadn't loved the baby in a way that she did, but he loved what Henry symbolized—his commitment to she whom he considered his partner in crime. He saw the way Anastasia coddled the baby, the solemn look in her eyes that told him she knew; she knew that marrying a Gorelov meant the baby wasn't hers to keep, that the decision wasn't theirs to make.

It wasn't easy giving him up for adoption, but neither were the daily arguments, the unspoken grief the couple shared. Neither of them wanted to do it. Ben didn't want to be the one to separate a mother from her child—their child. Oftentimes, Ana found herself taking all the pent up frustration out on her son. She would find herself committing the same abuse she had endured from her husband now and again. Henry was constantly hurting himself, constantly running into things and crying for help. It was a testament of her own tears.

Why this? Why me. I bear this last name, and it's because of that that a woman must abandon her only child like it's nothing. It isn't fair...

"Forgive me."
Прости меня.

At that point, Ana understood that the longer she kept her son, the slower the burn would be. It wasn't fair to Henry, it certainly wasn't doing her psyche any favours, it wasn't within Ben's jurisdiction, and in the minds of the Gorelovs back home, it wasn't "fair" to them. As time passed, Anastasia knew this could only mean bad news for their family of three. If the brotherhood knew of their continued custody of the child, they'd surely send for direct intervention. She didn't want that. Ben didn't want that. In fact, by that time, Ben's desire to gain his father's approval, keep their own asses safe, and shirk any humiliation for the Gorelovs outweighed any love he had for Henry.

Two months after his fifth birthday, Henry's mother had thankfully found a family she deemed good enough to take care of him. She and Ben were loyal members of one of the most powerful crime syndicates in the former Soviet Union, but still; neither could find it within themselves to leave him on some agency's doorstep. The older couple, about ten to twenty years their senior, were perceived as uppity goody two-shoes by the young Gorelovs, but they were well-to-do and living not far from the city. The wife was infertile and they were both clearly ready to take on the responsibility as parents.

"Now forget me."
А теперь забудь меня

Soon after, the fate-mandated prodigy had adopted the name Henry Augustine, given to him by Swedish-Jewish socialites Harrison and Emily Rutabaga. In this new walk of life, Henry was always clad in high-end clothing, enrolled in all-boys private institutions, receiving in-home tutoring, and attending social events every weekend with his parents. However, it wouldn't be until age seven that he would finally adapt to life with the Rutabagas. Up until then, he had spent countless nights crying in the closet of his room (the small confines of which reminded him of his closet back home), refusing to respond both physically and verbally, and crying for his biological parents in his native tongue. With no prior education, it would take Henry those two years before he finally got a grasp on the English language too. In fact, up until his adoption, he had been raised entirely within the precincts of the Gorelov's apartment.

"He still addresses me as Emily, you know?"

"Is that not your name?"

"Don't be obtuse, Harry!"

Navigating through the family's mansion on his own was no easy feat for a child either, let alone a blind child, but with the help of his ever-patient mother and the hired help on the estate, he'd eventually come to remember every surface there was to touch in their spacious home, including the 52 ivory keys in the parlor room on the first floor. His eventual mastering of the piano would all be thanks to his mother's encouragement.

Still highly impatient by age nine, it didn't take much for Henry to grow frustrated with the lessons. He was curious about the peculiar instrument but not enough to sit there and follow step-by-step instructions. Sheet music was also out of the question; he'd been fluent in English at that point, but braille was a whole other subject.

Only when he tried to mimic his mother's compositions by ear did Henry begin to show significant progress. The letters assigned to each of the keys were irrelevant to him at that age. What mattered to him wasn't whether he was hitting the right keys; what mattered was that he was hitting similar keys and playing the same song but with different notes. This is what would first spark his knack for improvisation.

From then on, when Henry would hear a song out in public, his fingers would dance along the invisible keys of an air piano in an effort to polish his poor understanding of note placement even away from home. Like mathematical equations were being done in his head, converting the sounds he'd heard into one of the 52 notes on the bed of keys—even if not the right key—came easier to him with practice. This way of learning both shocked and elated his parents! Pretty soon, Henry was playing his own takes on the classics, albeit faster and with far more notes than the original piece.

It wasn't long before dinner parties were being entertained by the spectacle that was "that Rutabaga's prodigy child". Even their place of worship would occasionally request his performance. It was these small time victories and his mother's continued mentoring that pushed Henry to get better and better. Harrison and Emily had never seen him so determined to excel at something during their brief time raising him.

Before his twelfth birthday, he was improvising preexisting compositions to the best of his ability and adapting songs he'd heard on the radio into ragtime arrangements.
The moment Henry woke up, he would run down stairs and make a beeline for the family's grand piano because he'd dreamt of fragmented tunes that just begged to be fleshed out on the keys.
When in class, you can bet he had an iPad out with a piano app open and earbuds in. He'd spend his lunchtime in the school's music room even if a lecture was being held.
When on car rides, he'd sing along to current hits and practice adapting them on the air piano.
Most nights, he'd stay up late practicing on the electric keyboard he'd been gifted one Hanukkah.

If he found himself upset, he would play. If he felt happy, he would play. Bouts of anger inspired some of his most accelerated scores.

By the age of fifteen, the name Henry Rutabaga resonated in musical communities. To date, he is most known through his personal and professional YouTube account. It is this very account and his mother having taken on the role of his manager that has thrust him into the spotlight as a small-time celebrity. His fast and intense performances, sometimes combined with his addition of vocals, has landed Henry invitations to various talk shows, chances to perform at different venues, and even the opportunity to tour his own paid concerts. Considering he was already in the custody of wealthy parents, all proceeds were donated to organizations for the well-being of the blind, those with Asperger's, the musically-inclined, and more.

Soon enough, the young pianist would receive his invitation to that certain school. Despite his parents' concern for letting him study overseas all by his lonesome, he vehemently encouraged them to believe in him just like they had when he was first learning to play. He had already been attending the best of the best there in Ottawa, but his will to become not only an Ultimate Pianist of the academy but thee Ultimate Pianist of the world, to him, started with attending the most prestigious school on the planet: Hope's Peak Academy.

► Taking long bubble baths while listening to music.
► Pulling harmless pranks on people for a quick laugh. Teehee!
► Anything of the mystery and suspense genre. The 1990s show Twin Peaks is his favourite.
► History! Especially music history and that of famous pianists. He knows a lot of useless facts about them.
► Classical music from any age, compositions done on a music box or violin, ragtime, funk, pop, ambient music.
► Shoes with heels, whether it's him wearing them or a pair he can hear on someone else. He likes the staccato.
► Discussions, pretty much about anything he has an opinion on! He likes theorizing about their kidnapping, mostly.
► Mostly any type of game! Card games, board games, verbal games, puzzles, playground games. Not video games though.
► When it comes to food, he likes things that you would typically order from a cafe such as coffee, tea, baked goods, pastries, soup, salad, sandwiches, etc.
► Playing the mothafuckin' piano!!! Whomever he's roomed with is safe from having to hear him practicing on the daily cause his electric keyboard's got a headphone jack.
► Henry can be pretty childish, so he likes playing with toys, painting and colouring, and handling weird objects. Basically anything that's hands-on for him to appreciate better.

► Candles. He doesn't like their scent, doesn't like the waxy texture of 'em, hates it when he accidentally touches the hot glass (or God forbid the flame itself), and the idea of knocking one over terrifies him.
► Following sheet music. Again, it's something he eventually wants to master, but for now, he'd prefer to just play by ear and improvise. Not that braille sheet music is ever readily available, anyway.
► These are like nails on a chalkboard to him: speech impediments, the sounds people make when they make out, silverware clanking against glass, and too many people talking at once.
► Music that's just a little too hardcore for him which includes, but is not limited to, most dubstep, metal, rock, screamo, and rap. There are, of course, exceptions.
► Seafood and spicy food. The former makes him feel nauseous and the latter is just unnecessary. Spicy seafood? Get out of town.
► When someone undermines a SHSL title. He doesn't appreciate narrow-mindedness in general.
► Being lied to, in general but especially concerning something he can't see.
► When ANY genre of music is put on blast. That is just so very obnoxious.
► Hot sources of light or heat. He's always burning himself. "Ugh."
► Overwhelming aromas.

The Pianist
Being the SHSL Pianist means Henry is versed in playing the grand piano, keyboards, and the organ at breakneck speeds. However, he is also known for his singing voice. His singing is limited to slower-paced songs and he cannot hit terribly high nor ultra low notes. He doesn't know a lot about the structure of a piano, but he probably knows more than your average joe. His favourite style of playing is ragtime first, classical second, and he is capable of doing the ever tricky left-hand-jumping-over-the-right-to-hit-higher-notes-than-the-right-hand-is-currently-playing maneuver.

Better Spoken Than Written

Henry speaks perfect English and still retains some Russian which is still, however, limited to that of a five-year-old's comprehension. His accent is that of your average Canadian but not a Quebecois Canadian; in fact, his French is very poor. You'll probably never catch him speaking anything other than English though. Other than that, he's only really versed in reading and typing in braille. See weaknesses for more.

Better Spoken Than Written
On the topic of writing, Henry is terrible at spelling. This will be apparent in anything he writes on paper because while he doesn't know squat about the Cyrillic alphabet, he does know the Latin, so he can at least try and poorly scribe some botched English (and perhaps phonetic attempts at Russian if he wanted to). He has voice-to-text to thank for any mobile conversations you have with him, so no worries there.

I'll actually try and voice-to-text anything he sends to the chat LOL so if there are any mistakes, it's intentional on my part, and feel free to have your character comment on it.

Blind Sighted
Henry was born with Von Hippel–Lindau, which is a genetic disease that causes tumors in various organs (although the eyes are the most common target). This is irreversible, but he was fortunate enough to not have had his other organs attacked. Thus, he is totally blind since birth. This disease also explains why he doesn't have cataracts (even though, stylistically, his pupils are white...).

Excused From P.E.
Well, you could totally overpower Henry if you wanted to. He's short, impaired, and got the disposition of a gangling dork thanks to being excused from physical education, but don't be surprised if you go to hit him for whatever reason and he manages to grab you by the wrist before you can carry out such a grave, grave mistake.


Gift Preference
Love  "WHAAAAT!? You know me so well! Too well..."
012. Civet Coffee
013. Cinnamon Tea
017. Gugelhupf Cake
018. Sweet Bun Bag
070. Old Timey Radio

Like  "Ooooh. Weird! Thank you~"
005. Hardtack of Hope
015. Prepackaged Orzotto
049. 2.5D Headphones
053. Razor Ramon HG
056. Lilienthal’s Wings
059. 3D Innards Model
063. Slinky
065. Slap Bracelet
067. Kokeshi Dynamo
068. Go Stones
074. Movie of Choice
075. Mixtape of Choice
076. Book of Choice
095. Dull Kitchen Knife
110. Summer Festival Tree

Dislike  "Sorry! I don't want this."
016. Cod Roe Baguette
035. Silver Ring
036. Hope's Peak Ring
037. Spectre Ring
048. Black Rabbit Picture Book
061. The Funbox
062. The Funplane
086. Century Potpourri
097. Power Gauntlet

Roleplay Sample

Oh, this? It's nothing, he convinced himself with a wince and a laugh. He knew of surveillance cameras in rooms but none in the bathrooms; that'd be sick... and yet genius for someone as corrupt as their captor if it were true their time here was being broadcast to the public. Imagine that: premium programming where those so inclined could pay to watch footage of a minor using the bathroom.

The young pianist sat there in the cottage bathtub, collar off and leisurely scrubbing his arms with a wet rag.

Yeah, something like that is on par with what's been done unto us.
 But something didn't quite click... If this were a live broadcast, then outsiders would know of their missing children's location, right? 'Jabberwock Isle,' or so he'd been told. That was rather peculiar he thought.

Having been soaking in rose-tinted water, Henry was sure that it had stained his skin pink by now. Brigitte Engerer's rendition of Nocturne in B-flat minor, Op. 9, No. 1 lingered past the door ajar much like the steam did. There was something about Engerer's cover of Chopin's beloved classic that did it so much justice. Its cadence was different—gave it somewhat of a haunting feel.

His eyes fluttered shut when he took in a rather indulgent breath of air, that of which smelled sweet yet rusty like a copper penny. It was something that could easily be aired out by opening the cottage windows.

Maybe it would be better if we were never found? Maybe it'd be better to grow old on this island or die young rather than face the consequences of opinions back home. If your title didn't garner you fame nor infamy on the outside, starring in this invasion of privacy certainly would. But Henry had an ounce of faith his parents wouldn't pay into that type of programming if it existed. He had faith they'd give their teenage son some privacy even in captivity. And if they didn't? Well. If lounging in a bathtub of someone else's blood soothed the nerves and put a smile on his face, then who was anyone to tell him any different?

Maybe they'd do him the favour and never bring it up. Or maybe this is where he died. Mh. Either would be fine.

Full resolution app art!

► I actually adopted his original design here! → CLOSED

► His playlist! Some are songs he'd listen to, others he'd play and/or sing, several are just songs that remind me of him.

► I based the extent of Henry's fame (and talents?) on young singer-pianist Greyson Chance!

► Henry's actually only ever went to all boys academies, so he's lowkey shy around girls o_o Only really internally though. Chances are, it won't appear in roleplay.

► Ummm, well, you know! Since HPA times, Henry has developed a taste for BLOOD. Cow's blood, cat blood, human blood; it doesn't matter. He's very private about this.

► As mentioned in his history, Henry will refer to his parents on a first name basis and will specify that they're adoptive (IE "my adoptive mom, Emily"). He doesn't do it out of disrespect but because he genuinely thinks that's an appropriate way to refer to them. "Huh? But then how would you know which parent I'm talking about...?"

► Against the opinion of those who managed his public image, Henry refuses to change the lyrics of any song he covers. Listeners were convinced that his refusal to change the lyrics to a straight narrative is indicative of an early understanding of his sexuality, but to him, he just believes that to change the gender is to change the meaning of the song. Thus, any song he covers will be sung with the original male or female pronouns, both in terms of the singer's love interest, their love interest's love interest(s), and when referring to one's self. "♪ Constantly... Boy, you played through my mind like a symphony "

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