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One Ghost in the Room by BootShopStory One Ghost in the Room :iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 5 1
Never Cuddle a Rattler
Pieces of the
venomous horn,
which to lie close
one who talks
at the point of
the tail,
all words,
so the bones
of the snake,
it's last
skin that never
then came to be
shed, like an
American symbol
of the Vampires
cool flesh,
the thought
of being snug
the dessert
rattles it's
form tumultuous with
a peace out of any sense
or distance from Danger,
around the bones of an empty campfire,
A Ghost rattles it's tale, & so repeats the sound,
Never cuddle a rattler.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 7 0
Your Hearts A Bat
The key ring twirling
& the index kept
your heart's a
the dark the
dreamer's dream,
good or bad,
the lake lost
a falling
dust bed shadows
still winking,
love shoulder's
the World &
all it's sad
untameable  hearts
uncontaminated matter,
the dark a dreamer's
& the index
kept calm,
here in the dead of night,
mosquito wing's & leather
things stirring.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 7 0
Captain Doggy and the Zombie Plan
a heroic specimen of the
canine kingdom,
or family & breed,
Captain Doggy,
the foil on foot,
the Zombie
Plan afoot,
to an Orange
Moon, a new charge
another surge to
An unseeing
stopping to
dread the next
step, though
uninvolved as
feelingless flesh
drapes from greenish
another eye rolls,
the sound of a
victory bark,
the Sun rising from behind
the Hills.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 5 0
Brighter Movies Make some Hell's Go Away
The brighter the song,
on the home
behind the curtain,
of the
action on display,
reproofed some of
the audience member
held their ticket,
to turn back
after the film,
& go out
into life, for lack
of better word,
truly nature's way,
the theatre
then empty & alone,
& Hell as it
catches Heaven,
at the time,
;left without a bone,
Brighter movies make some
Hell's go
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 4 0
The Organic, Inorganic Death Aura
Suggest the appearance
of radiance,
a floral aspect,
Winter tinged
would present,
Though a hesitation
Notably dark in
the early leaving
of Sunshine,
could & shall
prove, so a long
shadow win the
power of dark light,
mute as a
full spirit in
fulfilling knowingness
of beyond the bone
& flesh, that Summer
exercise & excitement,
closes not an eye, save
for scratched knee,
for sometime outside of
penalty, the Organic
Inorganic Death Aura.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 5 0
Blue and Black For the Werewolf Eclipse
It was a blue & black
color, appearing from time to
& all the seasons
of all the types of
Moon passed through the
calendar, somehow in time
hinting at blue & black,
at blue & black,
somehow hinting at blue & black,
& then one evening,
though in someways much
before the sunset
had begun it's time to
a Full Moon begn
to rise,
& nothing of this,
really here not much of
anything or of nothing,
though from behind a newspaper,
a shadow began to
& as the Sun
were swallowed by
the stars,
It was a blue & black
color, appearing from time to
somehow hinting at blue & black,
at blue & black,
somehow hinting at blue & black,
& then one evening
blue & black
for the
Werewolf Eclipse.  
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 6 0
The Hypnotists Werewolf Problem
This is what worms thought
of their mortal existence
& early bird problem,
the psychiatrists sign
read, like a set of perfect
the psychiatrists sign
read, like  a perfect set of
like an anti-fish
re-awakening from it's ancient
& a puppy dog
looking child sad,
while the hynotists
watched hypnotically moved,
like a cup & saucer,
moved good as a cup
& saucer,
the psychiatrists sign
read, like a set of
perfect teeth,
the psychiatrists sign
read, like a set of
like the fangs of drooling
on the night of the full moon,
with an old U.F.O.
poster tacked
to a broken fence,
with a little black
ghost dog hiding behind it,
the psychiatrists sign read free,
hypnotism for $1,
there was a howl, & there the full moon,
the hypnotists werewolf problem.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
Pirate City and The Ghosts In the Night
Some evil laughter,
there, as a demon
from fire & mist,
with a sea of clouds,
& a coast where it's waves
only bring in the laughing
Hell of bodiless skulls,
& an island tiwh
a coast where it's waves
only bring in the laughing
Hell of bodiless skulls,
whose skeletal bodies
grow into the trunk & root &
become the formation for
said Islands Palm, & coconut
tree's, with red mawed
rats crawling about the
green leaves, where the
spirit of green & brown
& yellow coconut's, perhaps
even purple coconuts, sway,
like a red coconut, in a
hauntingly uncheerful, &
death hushed wind &
black skeleton breeze,
some evil laughter,
pirate city
& the ghosts in the night.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 5 0
The Dungeon of Insect and Deformity
Where every war & it's
warrior has
gone to insects nocturnal
in blind darkness,
no soul perfectly surviving,
a squalid flesh
drinking it's phantom wine,
a cloud filling
as blood travels it's
insects like snowmen
in their squalid layer
where every war & it's
warrior has
gone to insects
nocturnal connection,
in blind darkness,
the dungeon of insect
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 4 0
White Phantoms From White Flowers
A petal had fallen,
though in that time, & for
a very uncertain moment,
petals appeared to fall,
in origin from white flowers,
& like a
petal having fallen,
the white flower petals
fell & fell,
phantom & winter white,
all about the inside
of my tomb,
there nothing but a
skeleton holding a
white flower,
white phantoms from
white flowers.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 5 0
The Sea Star Holding Wrecks
A scabrous night
falling to what pieces,
blackness lighting
star falls, stills &
then when sea &
ocean fill outside the
walls of city or town,
a ghost out of
her bones, in her
gowns & shadows,
within the beach
spiders shadow,
begins a singular
wail, & maybe the
boards of a wall cough,
until the nails
kick out a bit from
their holdings,
as if startled,
or braced for
an incoming fear that
may only exist,
within the walls of
city or town,
a ghost ship
doth rise just within
sight of the haunted
the sea star
holding wrecks.  
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 4 0
The House on Black and White Television
It seemed there were less
the black & white television
as of becoming itself & attaining
it's certain history, in
the eye of entertainment,
& quality,
by these qualities seems
to speak for itself,
or on certain haunted
& special occasions
seems to glow more
black & whites,
to tis best &
better self & own qualitied
much as if it's very own
with it's own Christmas,
& ghosts, & black & whites
the house on black & white
(just like a ghost)
seeming to say,
have a good life, &
Happy Halloween.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
Fairies Swooning in the Skeleton Garden
Comment for this later, please,
& certainly feel free & safe
& most certainly free from
pain, or any simple lack of pleasure
when doing so, yes please,
comment for this later,
It's one garden. it's flower
multicolored, & gothically hushed
& by way of being free
of comment,
comment for this later,
skulls & bones, of people
& birds,
cats & dragon's,
all things that once
& ever came from
that life that was worth
living, & also
in it's fairy swooning,
had need, by way
of Sun & Moon,
perhaps the mystery
of a rose garden there,
All of it's colors a
mystery in starlight,
please, the comment of
bones, as it is by this
pen a point directed,
then Halloween, a blowing
pumpkin, & then nothing,
& of this strange
fairies swooning
In the Skeleton garden.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
Then The Bat Moved
If every city is not
in the pumpkin fire
by the holiday,
then, no,
if every city is
not on fire with
Christmas lights,
with the crush
weight of all
universally known, cosmic
frost & earthly snow,
then 3 ghosts
shall return,
again, then no,
black windows rest
in their rails
while spiders draw
the cracks in the
stars together,
one gold, one
blue, one black,
a perfect black,
& then the bat moved.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 2 0
Clowns Laughing Down From the Attic
the dragon's lair
of it is this,
for the lift's
in the stairs,
& a railing that
pull's at safety,
& here much
should a single
natural light create
it should be
like gold &
treasure, dead knights,
dethroned kings,
& princess dreams
& skeleton's,
oh the disenchanted
rings, all of
this goes quite
pale in both
& the railing
that pulls at safety,
& here much
the skeleton's
of the diesnchanted
of a skull
you may hear it,
clowns laughing
down from the
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0


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Title:Lift the Lid of My Coffin & I Shall Rise to Greet the Night

The Danse Macabre
has broken
the neck of the
day's Sun shadow,
of garden variety
the blood of
the living Sun of
humankind shall drain,
the neck of
the day's Sun
shadow broken,
lift the lid
of my coffin
& I shall
rise to greet the


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