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Door Brains
to a perfectly good,
nice person, & you
couldn't think of anything
nicer to do, to a
perfectly nice person,
this is when the
city goes down,
the lightning struck,
this animating inanimate
cultures tombs & resting
stones, elevating the
metal platforms of
science, with the dead
in hand & therefore holding
hands together, like
children leaving elementary
school together,
marvel mindless
man, at impervious
natures view of
elementary school &
the re-animated dead,
the skull & cross
bone ship, sailed
it's pool  of dead
stars, cosmic wishing stars
like broken wishbones, crashing into skulls.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 2 0
The Witch of Hazel Wood
the witch of hazel wood,
a dark-green witch,
like a green
shadow in the sunlight,
appearing in the depression
of the exhilaration of the
utterly lost,
so that a rich, dark,
blackish greenness about
the tree's, in the cadaverous
defiance, in threadbare
blotch-work, conceals
her in the olive, grey
rags of terrible, emaciated,
uncouth, & frightening
banished, horror of
a hundred questions, her figure hides
in this, & from this figure,
her voice barely audible,
as though
that of a voice in peculiar
however not sounded in
quite awhile,
a voice to catch in
the throat the famished,
she glitters to ask
what brought you.
(& then gone, like the sound of water)
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
The Moon Heart
the moon heart in the
sky, it has taken the
sky again, again it takes
the sky, as a witch might
take up her trusted broom
to fly, so just before
midnight resting in it's tree,
as the spider rested in
it's lamp lit nook in the
porch, & a rabbit & deer
came out from where the
dark green bushes, in
the moonlight recede,
yes, the moon heart, ghostly
& light, landed in the
tree, on probably the
same evening, or night,
presumably against all
machine driven forms of
kingdom come,
& crossed the
next day, the world
itself looking very
much friendly, was not opposed
to that in anyway, & by
the klink of Halloween & Christmas
this thought true, snow falling in the
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 7 0
Trick or Treat and Commercials
to & fro, to & for in a
way quite horrible in so
old & stunted,
in it's reflection, where
reflected the incapacitating
of an army, just before
Heaven, or Hell, Christmas, or Halloween,
another commercial appeared,
like an abstract of itself in
a picture frame,
to the clank of boulder done
for it's place to make a score of
hearts echo,
the rival colony ever on the
march, to the televised world,
sent to the neitherworld on a
resounding journey,
in the wreckage of the ancient's
face, & planet,
life fainter as it approached the
eating room,
endless, interwoven  & numberless,
& worked into the main arteries of
silence, to a trick, it was more
eloquent fanaticism, like shooting stars,
malice through veils of water,
it may be so damnably bold,
to not have the commercial
world, a must do, like a fallen sail,
examine it's terrain for irregularities,
bless my spherical soul,
until life itself come alongside,
the old, pale lion,
& like a Halloween card, the
tree of the dead watching, signs
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
From the Ghost of Another Time
will it forever, in a way
quite so horrible, in so old
a midnight window way,
that the embodiment of
the commercial, the
funnel of a crooked funnel,
reverberating well to it's
best commercial preliminary,
or faint as a shooting star,
as a yawning window,
show in the wreckage of the
ancient's face,
how macabre Halloween
by way of this, one day
does this fear from shadow
to light, lose all falling
trace of it's show & veil,
a ghost was just looking
through the window from
another time,
the television was off
& like a dream the thought
had occurred as from
it's own time, &
then the leaves, for
days & days began to fall.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 4 0
Sham Dignity Before Halloween
sham dignity had
spoilt the day completely,
as though it were the fissure
in the wall, where the darkness
of the day & age ever
came from,
enlightening all invitation
into wild flight's of stone,
turning the world into it's
crumbling chamber beyond,
an invitation to a world
of it's own amusement,
& in it's shadow of
self, opened like the
mouth of a sepulchre,
bowing slightly to the corpse,
but this was no dream,
sham dignity had spoilt the
day completely,
for the black shapeless thing,
moving all mastery of awareness,
closer to it's own sense of
unholy silence, truly a part of
disjointed horror, ever there before
Halloween, not so much a darkness
in itself, as something starved
for sunbeams, like Vampire asleep in it's coffin.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 6 0
The Holiday Cheer of Halloween
it is for Halloween to
always cast it's ancestral
spell, along all of October's
it's only challenge as a
holiday, to create a fresher
atmosphere of the nightmare,
after trick or treat & holiday
chore & cheer,
October & Halloween,
have come to paint
the actual world, with
costume & film, to
the point of the disturbed,
to a place that is clear,
always, it's only challenge
casting an ancestral
spell to trick or treat,
a ritual to lively happiness,
& horror out of something
from hungered to refreshing,
of mutinous sensations,
to the spirit of instantaneous,
a thronging moment, to
give way to holiday cheer.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
Halloween Poem 2018
the spirit of the evening,
on this particular night,
for reading what I
have written, as it
were in a trance,
it is a thought to
give natural phenomena,
we shall all be guests,
at Halloween Night,
trick or treat,
& we shall all do the
right thing, trick or treat,
trick or treat,
a moment of traditional
observation thus arrived,
I wish I was going
In a dawn of doom
where blooms the rose
for the tomb,
the scythe & the thorn
in wait, all this
trick or treat, the decorated
house, a ghost, a ghost,
trick or treat it is
Halloween Night.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 5 0
The Fabric of the Vampire Court
the rain a black,
the eyelash gathering
itself a trembling
black clouds the
crushed ice of
a dark hall's
coiled windows &
while a breeze
informs the sensitive
skin, of the sound
of blowing leaves,
& scents of coming
parting the day &
night of
layer's of
nightmare's & daydream's,
a sunlit ghost,
this the rain
pelt's & grain's the
wind & window for,
all this the very
stuff, the fabric of
the Vampiric Court.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 7 0
The Mask at Frankenstein's Ball
the tournament of the
phantom knight,
the laboratory built in
cursed science & glass,
for lightning to strike
inhabit & haunt,
the gallows
raptor's picking flesh
until the eye moves,
partially alive, & then side
to side,
the elegant white of
dignified magnificence, as
the court musician's strike
up the tune,
a golden weave
in the splendorous stars,
the ball a wrap of
the Moon rising slow
& white,
the mask at Frankenstein's
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 6 0
Frankenstein's Monster in the Woodwork
to the vitality of
his seven years,
to the logic of feet
& inches,
with brain of murderer,
the whims, terrors, tears, laughter,
& vitality of murder,
he looked grey, with
raven hair,
the monster,
a compound of spirit
& matter,
his fantastic shadow,
shadow self, waved
it's huge shadow-arm,
into a dusty & ceilingless
a hand was thrust
through & a bell was
there would be tears
& strange laughter,
& from the glimpse of
a green reflection,
it seemed through the darkness a forked
lightning ran, with red & gold fire,
the windmill collapsed, artery of midnight stone.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 7 2
Like a Castle For the Dead
(glitter fangs)
the Moon & Sun.
having had their
4 seasons approached,
through prehistory, the
occult, & the textural
world of bones,
unorganized, misordered,
a bonified pit of
unburnt witches twig,
with pirate flag scoring
black sky's &
white swords, never
losing their sharpness,
moth tattered stars
with skull clasped
wishes falling through
their tattered thread,
the Moon & Sun,
renamed & renewed,
bone to occult,
renamed them both,
named them both,
named them
glitter fangs.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 6 0
The Manner of Exhibition
rain came tumbling
down the green & black
mountain side,
a full & golden
moon resting next
to the Gothic shadows
of the haunted
castle side,
a Mummy doth
hold up the golden
circle or ball of
it's cursed & haunted
eye, seeing the
forecasting intricacies
of the future, present
& past,
dry beneath the
rain come tumbling
down the green & black
mountain side,
to the manner of
the night, the manner
of exhibition,
a full & golden moon
resting next to the Gothic
shadows of the haunted castle side.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 2 0
Earthless Ghost Cat
veined like a black
alley, bold of all the
cumulus dull,
it devours the voluminous
shimmering folds,
sinister waters,
his eye to the fissure,
this eye quick as
a blood-alley detached,
brace to surrounding
freeze like the voice
of far off waters,
detach themselves from
their surroundings
for very whiteness,
& appear of this
chill province,
in the shadow as
well I shouldn't wonder,
upon regions does not
listen for the answer,
were they, the little flies,
how diverting, in thin & high whispers,
the last time over, like the voice of far & sinister waters,
earth-less ghost cat.  
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
Bruised Nail
scream, it is like a bell,
translucent pool for evermore,
scored in the ground,
I fill up the first flowers
of glass,
cry, scream,
the first line laughter,
first the flowers,
the translucent pool is
like a bell for evermore,
bruised nail,
I fill up the first flowers
of glass.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
The Black Castle Next to the Bowtie
by the end of
the conversation,
both bones
& ashes, lay upon
the couch & floor,
like a moth
or like a ghost,
the television would
turn on from time to
time, after centuries
the Black Castle next
to the bow-tie both
began their conversation
again, agreeing that all
commercial advertisement was
a bid tie-in for the
sidewalk class to worry
their health, till Halloween,
Trick or Treat, all of Hell
whispered that Halloween,
both bones & ashes, lay upon
the couch & floor,
like a moth or like a
ghost, the white flag of
surrender upon the haunted
flickering t.v. screen,
both bones & ashes, the black moon &
stars of Hell silently twinkling
a wink from the Lord of Hell,
down below,
taking the bullet out of every pen.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0


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