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The Black Flake of January and the Vampire
Are these snow falls
insinuating a gathering
water's shadow,
is this true of
light's import,
that flowers
should spill their
petal's & rice be
a white thought,
here in a clocks winter
the black flake
of January,
& just for
the sake of a
haunted moment,
for the shadows,
the reflections
hiding in candle-light,
it's right where the
bat was hanging,
the black flake of
January & the
by Spring
what ghosts & souls
are won up
through the cemeteries
cursed or
blessed imaginations
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 2 0
The Born again Monster
They had no wires then,
& clocks were
the shadows of rope,
that ghosts
trapped in mirror's had
hung themselves with,
with their fingers
in spirit twisted into
knots through the black
& white stars,
of space & time falling
into nightmare or wish,
the drone of the civilized
a bell of mutinous
skulls moving into a
pearl before the
rainbow pulled the
black clouds together,
& Frankenstein's monster
was born again.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 2 0
The Question to Having More Fun
The godmother with child
met the vampyr,
& the dancers
movements changed the
colors of interior,
as though pulling stitches
out of both day & night,
as awkward coffin,
a child's bones in
the dust & the
coffin suddenly unbroken
in it's weight,
& the dancers
movements moved away,
as though a disappearing
song, pulling the stitches
& strings of nothing.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 1 0
The Decorated Warrior
Inside the ring of fire,
a human figure
lay in it's side,
as though half melted,
half melted by acid,
from some monster
long defeated,
as though half melted,
a human figure,
with some kind of
weapon next to it's
left side,
inside the ring of fire,
the enclosure, in
& of itself almost outside
of time & space,
as a moving clock
seems to be in keeping
to itself,
yes a human figure
half melted,
as a castle becomes
half destroyed,
just waiting
a little longer,
a little longer
for the sun, or the
night or the moon
in either cursed or
kindest way,
to come to it's
host of a human figure,
& so inside the ring
of fire there waited
a strange mystery,
& outside of time & space
a strange surprise.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 1 0
The Arcade Sigh
Much to make of scorpion's
in oblivion,
every rectangle to
prompt delivery of
like a code breaker
at the front
of a telephone
& new winning's
beliefs & possibilities
when a shadow
in the field
awaken's to
find new government
to station
& sanction these
here part's,
so the snow
hath come & gone,
& no true
quarrel may
last long before
the spring
chapter's of lilies
in the pond,
& earthquake's
that fumble tall
structure's for
true touch
down delivery,
there are no
ghost's that shall
standby aghast
at these form's
of true
gravitational delivery,
the spigot
& hose let's
not be split
upon the
no trip to be
given for
the welcome mat,
& the
Halloween trickery
it doth
welcome as some
sanguine invitation
or portent
to coming
sweet & sticky
a fly that dances
here, &
no mystery as why
eye's in
multi-facet prey & catch
& then peer
into the sky
to dream,
game token's that
still glitter outside
the haunted
shadow of an
& the few
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 2 0
Beyond the Black Gates
Within the circle of the
unexpected unmasked,
many ghost rise
& rest, a light
moves the night
gentle & frightfully
pious through the
grave stones of
cemetery half cursed
& half blessed,
within the circle of
the unexpected unasked,
many a ghost may
rise & many a
ghost may rest.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 4 0
The Broken Towers
In absolute silence,
no noise at all,
no light in the air,
the broken towers,
proof of nothing from
their sleep,
there was an abandoned
voiceless hollow,
the indicative rippling
of ragged hangings,
both curtain & corpse,
those bricks
puzzled, & then
slipping, at &
in sign of
no particular order,
but no footsteps
& so there was
doubled the silence,
& there turning the
craggy angles of the
stone, to the
very point of sharp
corners, where all legs
would begin slipping,
for this a constant
grip upon silence,
silence vacated,
& high in the
bare, a silence
was lost to
them, lost to
them then that gasped,
& so were plucked,
but no foot steps,
& so were plucked,
proof of nothing
from their sleep,
no light in the
air, the broken towers,
in absolute silence,
no noise at all,
no light in the air,
the broken towers.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
Into a Land of Horror
Re-entering the door,
nature, without a moment to
& what is more,
the sky about it,
a predatory spider
directly in speed,
eating up the corridors,
the door opened
by degrees,
with every moment,
several moments
being all,
the stairs in
silence, as though
life must stop
& watch it's image,
& fall grotesque
& abandoned,
into a land of horror
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 2 0
The End of the World
The dawn eyed the
yellow light,
It's wildflower
quiet, to all the
logic of the mind
that put a tense sense
that time was
not upon the side,
An equally innocent
occupation, in a
way, in a
way a monstrous
eye, or pulling
start for cotton
to get lost, in
the labyrinth of
the skulls human
occupant brain, this inlaid
in swiveling eyes &
bones, time for a
short cause, quite
lost, quiet & alone,
much as they might
be, their ritual for
whatever steps taken,
moving closer, & closer,
to strange hooks,
& odd bones,
a stammering ceremony,
the dullness a televisions
kind light, may not dull away,
deeply rooted &
beyond, ritual, ceremony,
& wildflower bone.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
To God the Devil
The figment inferred
would be fraud fund,
the castle
the scientist
the cemetery with
the spider feathered
birds & the castle
size alien shapes
of stone angels
of Death,
with a floating
corpse pulled out
of the water of
an abandoned pier,
the figment inferred
would be the
fraud fun,
There the Devil
to convince the World,
no electricity
moving through the
stars yet,
The body on
a slab,
& no one left
to believe in
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 2 0
The Mists of Friday the 13th in September
Though the summer
had passed,
& haunted automobiles
passing in the day
lay hint, or
commune to an
instabilities claim
of a lost
camps haunted
cores & mornings,
an empty egg
shell in it's
fallen nest,
& in hunting
& in time
the ghosts of
these things moved
along unchained
& uncommitted,
unclaimed & alone,
into the mists of
Friday the 13th
in September.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
The Rose In the Severed Squirrels Paw
An owl over the rose
bush in the night,
the flower actually
in the paw, of a
squirrel in the
as of omen or ghost,
though with no foul
play or trickery,
in the light
of this strange shadow,
the rose in the
severed squirrels paw.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 1 0
The White Triangle In the Darkness
Somehow the moon had
displaced the
eye's aptitudes,
into indirectness,
shadows that would only
react to their climate
with the sensitivities of
musical triangles,
or to the stirring of
the white
triangle in the darkness,
a ghost.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 1 0
Satan Scanning Something
Hell is no copy
heaven's gate
locked heavenly,
A gypsy
danced in it's lamp,
below a blooming
apple tree,
A city glowed
with it's silent
& casper the
ghost, scooby doo
& an old
comic book laughed,
& said in
a delightful bit
of glee,
what is the difference,
satan scanning something
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 1 0
Frankenstein's Monster dancing Into a Citadel
Lightning with a clever
white crack
& explosion,
Frankenstein's monster
dancing into
a citadel,
while some rain
started to
In the darkness of stone &
With another clever
white crack,
monster dancing into
a citadel.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 2
The Skull's Wreath
From the eye's
of Skull Island,
fall cannibal
from the torn
flesh & foam
of the
& then the
Moon pure white
of it's own
evil black shadow
appearing half
destroyed or half
The star's above
the skull's wreath
all the color
of red,
From the eye's
of Skull Island,
fall cannibal flies.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 2 0


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Perhaps the perse eyes 
will never rein hard the
dead moment,
just the dead
when the light-show
moved the world through.

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