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Zuko Writes the Fandom

Zuko, chill. CHILL. :shrug:

Just a little spoof I whipped up featuring Zuko's thoughts on his more...capricious fans.

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Speaking the truth
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woah this is awesomeeee
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To be honest, I've always loved Zuko's character.  Over the entire season.


And because he did what he CHOSE to do.  Not the easy thing.  Not the right thing.  But the ZUKO thing.

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True... I didn't agree with all of his choices but he was always my favorite xP
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Lol, this is great :D
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If it means anything, I never mocked because I knew you would be good... :c
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I read it in his voice. haha. that never happens!!!
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Is it wrong that I thought Zuko's action in season 2 finale were kinda epic? I mean, yeah, it showed that his royalty was to someone who really didn't deserved it, and that he was going back to potentially abusive home, or that he was siding with someone who just threw him in to a prison, and he betrayed Iroh, but at least he look badass while doing that.
Why did I even ask?
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Considering the very first episode of Avatar that I saw was the one where he and Katara were in the underground cave (leading to his betrayal, I think, and to where Azula hits Aang in his Avatar state), my opinion of him remained pretty constant. He reminds me of Draco Malfoy, who I've always adored. Though Zuko was never my favorite character, I've always liked him. I can totally see his point though.
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All through the series, I loved Zuko. I felt like he just needed a hug.

But... I can't stand to look at him until season 2. XD THE TOPKNOT. OH GOD THE TOPKNOT.
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As someone who has studied psychology, I felt sad at him siding with Azula, because it was typical abuse victim behavior. But I never hated him. I just felt like he was lost for a while there.

The way some fans took it, though? This letter is entirely too accurate.
I study psychology too. And I agree that the letter is accurate, but I don't think ranting like that in a letter is good for someone's health..
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I was really surprised when my friend who watched ATLA started to re-hate Zuko. I was never like that with characters if I like a character I stay with them through thick and thin, unless they go really evil and crazy.
I wondered why everytime I saw a thread anywhere back then they were all hating on zuko even thought the same people had been talking about how much they loved him just days ago.
Brilliant art you hit the nail on the head.
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But he's right though. We are jerks. Well, actually, I never did any of that, but if I were a little different I would have. I think.
Anyway, the fandom is jerks. That makes no grammatical sense but who cares.
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Heh I did not do anything like that at the end of season 2 except idk abt my best freiinnnd
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Calm ur tits Zuko. But I understand what he mean, and I like it. I don't particularly like the way he was talking to Irho sometimes, but I've always been on Zuko's side, no matter which side he chose.
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HAHA! Well I can honestly say that I didn't. I respected him despite everything :D
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That is hilariously accurate. I've never been upset over any of his relationship choices (I personally think he looks cute with Mai. Don't hate me.), but I did get kinda mad when he made Iroh cry.
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I love Zuko, and boy was that a plot twist!!!!
Good thing I always liked him, neh?
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I didn't bash him... I actually liked his decisions to a point; I mean I was also a little hurt but... still... I got what he was trying to do but frankly since the Storm we knew he needed therapy or something or Mai to huggle or Jet to make out with... at least he got Mai and we found out about all of his mental and emotional conflicts and issues. And frankly he NEEDED to go back to the Fire Nation to see how jacked up it was compared to the Earth Kingdom *cough Jet cough* or the rest of the world was. =D Loved the meaning and artistry.
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