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We all know Mike and Bryan like to lurk the Avatar online community once in a while to see what it’s up to. Well, so does Sifu Kisu! And whilst surfing online, Sifu Kisu stumbled upon the lulzy LiveJournal community known as CAPSLOCK_ATLA.

For those of you familair with CAPSLOCK, you're probably already grinning ear to ear. For those of you who aren't, CAPSLOCK_ATLA is a community dedicated to spreading Avatar lulz, luv, lewdness, and delicious loli. Whilst sifting through the gajillions of posts featuring AvaDrama, bad art and even worse videos, porn, naked Iroh penance, and oh god is that ANOTHER post about Zuko? he came across something THAT DISPLEASED HIM GREATLY.

It was a post shipping him with other members of the Avatar Crew.

Sifu Kisu responded...and he wasn't happy. See here: [link]

Now, I can understand Sifu Kisu’s annoyance. It’s one thing to watch the crazy shippers go nuts on the Avatar characters from a distance (Mike and Bryan are well known for their shipper trolling), but it’s quite another when the fandom starts writing sexcapades featuring YOU. Especially when the only thing Kisu can really be paired with is " PURE AWESOME”. Unfortunately, poor Sifu Kisu doesn't know that:

1) Nothing said or done on the interwebs should be taken seriously, least of all by shippers, and least of all by the folks on CAPSLOCK_ATLA. Whatever said, it was not meant in earnest or as an insult.
2) Anything with a wet, warm orfice will be shipped. Rule 34, man.
3) HE’S A KUNG FU MASTER!!! Therefore whatever you say bounces off him and kicks your ass across the room.

All of these things causes what experts term a “lulz-lulz situation”. I just hope Sifu Kisu comes to realize that even though the fandom does outrageous things sometimes, it still loves him and respects him deeply for all the wonderful work he’s put into Avatar. The show wouldn’t be the same without the awesome fights he's contributed to!

PS: Anyone else laugh at that Naruto comment?
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what happened to the response?
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Where's the Naruto comment? :O
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Aw, I wish I could click on the link, but it won't work.

Can you link us again? Or do something about it? I would love to see how he reacted. XD
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Aw the response is no longer available
poor sifu though u__u
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Oh, I've had fanfiction written about my real self before too. It was extremely disturbing but hilarious.
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GWAHAHAH "rule 34, man." Kekekeke!!! I never heard of this incident before, and the link seems to be dead. ;_; Durn. This piece is made of win, however; way to pwn the situation.
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so where's the faniction now?
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Oh, and btw your link fails.
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I don't think I'd have the strength to punch my monitor, but if I were him I'd react SOMEWHAT the same.
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I've been shipped with someone before. It was an interesting experience. XD
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I didn't even knew such a comunity existed. Wow it's pretty disturbing and creepy. *shrugs*
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This made me smile. well done.
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It's dial up..No, wait word processor.
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anyone have a link to this?
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Pahaha--oh god, I think I broke a spleen--or my spine or something while I was laughing. *wipes tears away*

Srs buisness indeed.
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Ps- Can I use your picture as a reference, please?
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I'll see if I can find something else to fix it.
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I'd say it's something to be offended about. :P

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