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Back from vacation, and what do I herald you with? Why the most gnarly Avatarded collab KNOWN TO MAN!

:iconisaia: and I combined forces to create the latest "It's Avatarded If..." strip in celebration if the soon-to-be-aired final episodes! Bask in all your delicious Avatard glory, fellow fans!

EDIT: Guess you kids don't all know what a DILF is! It's an acronym for "Dad I'd Like to F*ck".
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TeagBrohman15Hobbyist Filmographer
this is why I don't ship
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Taang forever!

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Leprocrastinator66Student Writer
 i knew what dilf means before avatar was made
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TwistedBrokenHeartsStudent Artist

[Voice Message] Sorry, TwistedBrokenHearts has been disconnected. Please leave a message at the beep. (BEEP)
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The only thing that offended me was the fact that you referred to Avatar montages as AMVs, or Anime Music Videos, despite the fact that Avatar's American.
They're called that a lot, though. I would know. I've spent more time than I should finding Korrasami and Zutara MVs.
I made one for a show called Selfie, and there were troubles preventing me from posting the video. And the show was cancelled. :(
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YEEEESSSSS! Finally! Someone understands the Zutara struggles! Keep the faith! KEEP THE FAITH!
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ZUTARA FOREVER, SISTA!!!!!!!!:zutara: Making Steam .:ZukoOnCactusJuice:. Water...Katara...Fire...Zuko.. Spaz attack spaz kermit Futurama Philip J. Fry (Arm Flailing) 
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KukiieHobbyist Digital Artist
i love kataang. *runs at the speed of light*
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thalle-my-honeyHobbyist General Artist
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you are my god
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it wasn't until i became a whovian that i understood that second panel. nice :)
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Now I want a shirt with ZHAO PWNS UR MOM on it xD
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Ariko-sanHobbyist Artist
You an me both
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1st, 9th, and 11th panels master race!
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ObversaStudent Writer
I LOVE YOU :love:
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ValkyrieBaneHobbyist Traditional Artist
The Doctor Who reference made me laugh SOOO hard. XD
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Sorry I kept posting weird Q comments, I was carrying my laptop around and must have squished some keys ^^;
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whussupbrahHobbyist General Artist
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Slyfox00Hobbyist Writer
I got a good laugh out of this... also Tokka forever.
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Wow you realy hate shippers....I like you
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Apollus-StarHobbyist General Artist
PERFECTION on all levels.
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