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I Love You, Coco

By Booter-Freak
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Last week, on Monday, December 2nd, our kitty Coco had to be put down. She was 17 years and 8 months old, and had been with us since she was a kitten, when we got her the day before I started 5th grade. Coco had been battling breast cancer (which is very common for female Siamese cats) for almost four years, and it finally got the better of her.

My Dad claims that Coco is scientific proof that Siamese cats give 10% more love than other breeds, but I think Coco was special. She was a big time snuggle kitty, curling up on your lap or chest or wedged between you and the armrest, just so long as she was near you. And if you had a laptop? Forget about it, that lap was HERS. Coco also loved snuggling under the covers, and usually indicated her desire to do so by walking up one side of the bed, down another, back up again and then sitting on your hair until you finally lifted the covers to let her in. In which she would grace you with several minutes of her butthole before laying down.  If Coco couldn't find an available snuggle spot, she would demonstrate her abilities in thermal expansion by extending herself in front of the fireplace or over a sunny patch in the garden.

Coco, like all cats, needed to be in the middle of things at all times, whether it was homework, packing, or trying to get something out of the closet and WHY are you in there now? Do you NEED to be in that closet?! God forbid if you should leave the attic stairs down! Both she and Tober were terrors on Christmas, hyped up on catnip and toys and going on chases through the wrapping paper. The furniture has seen so much, and the carpet has seen even worse. We used to have white carpet...once. And we still haven't found all the rabbit-fur mousies she's lost under couches, ovens, TV stands...

When I visited home from school or work, Coco was always happy to see me and always enjoyed the extra attention. She loved being brushed and combed and would always perk up when she heard me clap the two together. When Coco got older and kept more to her favorite sleeping spot (at the far end of the couch on the fleece blanket Mom had made for her), I would always make sure to sit by her and keep her company. Who better to watch Fashion Police with, anyway?

I found the first lump a little over a year after Tober died. His death hit Mom and Dad hard, so they tended to turn a blind eye to things and I became the resident hypocatdriac, doing research, taking her to the vet, monitoring her for changes. The cancer was slow moving but persistent. She underwent major surgery twice, but the cancer would always come back in about a year, and always somewhere new. Chemo was an option, but it was no guarantee, and with Coco getting older we didn't want inflict chemo's side effects on her. It was only in the last six months that her health really started to decline, with her arthritis acting up and new lumps popping up everywhere. When I came home for Thanksgiving, things were pretty bad. I remember Coco climbing into my lap after my dad and I cleaned her up and thinking how little she felt. She pooped on my dress a bit but it's funny how shit don't matter. The emergency vet we took her to on Friday gave us pain meds, but with her labored breathing and her lumps oozing and rancid smelling, there was nothing else to do.

That Thanksgiving weekend kinda sucked for us, but I can tell you Coco had a grand old time! Pain meds, soft beds lined with towels, a fire going in the fireplace, turkey and bacon being brought over for her to eat, and unending pets and snuggles from all her peoples. She purred constantly, and even meowed hello at us a couple times! I can tell you, she was toootally living it up.

The vet came to our house on Monday, at my request. She purred right up until the moment she fell asleep, and in the moment of the final injection, I held her in my arms. I asked the vet how long it would take and she told me, "It's very quick. She's probably already gone." And when I looked down, she wasn't breathing anymore. It surprised me at the moment, but makes me a little sad now.

Coco was buried in the rose garden, right next to Tober, with some string, a rabbit-fur mousie, and a handful of kitty treats. It's pretty much a picture perfect ending for a wonderful cat who lived a great life. I really can't complain, except that I will miss her. I have so many wonderful memories of her...how she loved tuna water, how she would come inside after it got too hot out and just throw herself down on the carpet, how she would sit on the back of the chair and complain over her shoulder if you held her tail or tweaked her fur, how she DUNKED her head in the little plastic planter of catnip, how she would come in during homework and either try to rub her face on your pencil or bite it, how she could sometimes meow on cue", how she would start shit with Tober, booping him on the head, her zero patience with either Manny or Binx, how she left kitty litter pawprints all over Dad's car, how her starfish claws really dug in, how she sat at your feet until you gave in and picked her up, how if you rolled over in your sleep, she would walk ALL THE WAY around the bed to get back in the teddybear spot with you...it goes on and on...

I love you, Coco.

EDIT: Thank you for all the stories and well-wishes! ;____; You guys are super awesome and sweet!
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My heart broke ; _ ;

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I lost my soulmate, Clyde, to cancer (SCC). He was gone in 3 days of being diagnosed. It ripped my heart out. He was 9.
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I understand your feel! I lost my best friend dog, Jake from cancer too. I missed him everyday.
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I cried seeing this but i am glad You loved your cat as much as they were alive as you do after their passing.... Loosing a pet is pretty hard bcz they are not just a pet they are our family....
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I gave this a daily deviation waay back when I worked here because this comic really resonated with me having a young pet of my own. Fast forward to now where I recently lost her. I was devastated, but reading this comic again really grounded me. Really helped me remember all the good times and moments that let me also go to bed with a smile on my face.
It's amazing what the power of comics can do. I just wanted to thank you for not only sharing your little special kitty's life with us, but allowing a grieving pet owner the comfort of knowing they're not alone.
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I know this response is like five million years later (I'm hardly on anymore), but I'm genuinely glad this comic was able to provide you some comfort. I am incredibly touched by all the wonderful comments people left, especially stories about their own pets. Thank you for the DD, and my condolences on your loss.
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Founds this via a post on imgur: imgur.com/gallery/kZzbU
What a story, at least you made their life long and happy, not much else one can do for a pet really :c
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I'm So sorry! I wish that I could have replied sooner!
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Jup. I know that. We had to put our bunny down. Now I know that a bunny isnt the same as a cat, but he was a cute snuggly black fluffy cuteness, and he lost his battle against parasites. We buried him in our garden. Rest in hay cookie
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Jup. I know that. We had to put our bunny down. Now I know that a bunny isnt the same as a cat, but he was a cute snuggly black fluffy cuteness, and he lost his battle against parasites. We buried him in our garden. Rest in hay cookie
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I'm going through the same thing right now. We had to put down our cat, Patch, who I've known since I was four. She had the early stages of kidney failure, and her stiff joints made it difficult to sit down or move around. I have so many fond memories of her, though. It was the most difficult thing to watch her slump over after the injection and pass away with her eyes still open. It was so quick, I agree. But, she was peeing everywhere, and there was blood in her pee, so we knew it hurt. Poor baby was only 14 years old :'(
Hope your cat and mine are chasing little pink mice and feeling a whole lot better :)
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I'm so sorry for you. But thank you for sharing this, I have lost 2 cats to cancer the 1st 4 years ago and the 2nd just last week, so thank you. It is so hard to go through.
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That is soooo sweet and I am very sorry for your loss.😭😢
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Oh, my God!!
I am sooo, sooooo sorry!!!!!
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Oh my gosh, I just burst out crying in the middle of that comic. Really well done. All the feels.
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my heart... ;n;

she sounded like an amazing friend
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Turns out I'm listening to "Clannad" soundtrack and looking at this at the same time. FEELS. Sorry about Coco; she sounded like a great friend.❤
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I have a white cat named Liberty and she loves to snuggle too. She even likes to come into my room now and then and lay in the windowsill or where the sun is shining. Or lays with me while I am sleeping.
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Things that you say, is it a live or just to play my worries away. You're all the things I got to remember. You're shying away, I'll be coming for you anyway.
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Ouch, my heart strings... :( Sorry for the loss of your buddy. My dog and I were very close, she died from a tick disease known as Anaplasmosis.  I don't think people without pets understand that it's like losing a family member. I honestly felt like a lost a furry little sibling.
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