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Gagstrip 79

Looks like Koh found the one person renowned for her poker face. Inspired by the ever-lovely :iconhandsomekataraplz:! :heart: Koh, Mai, and Handsome Squidward's face all copy right Nickelodeon.

Just something quick to throw out. Busy, busy.
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ZanarNaryon's avatar
She has no strong feelings one way or the other
NicksterDagames's avatar
Your move, insect...
MetroXLR's avatar
Koh has met his ultimate nemesis..
MiniMinina's avatar
I'm dying xD!!!!!!!!!!! Lol
LittleMissRookie's avatar
My face would've been stolen almost instantly if I met Koh.
TheSilence727's avatar
How can Mai deny the infinite beauty of handsome Squidward?
joethehero2's avatar
Mai vs. Maud Pie in a deadpan off.
bitsincorporated's avatar
death battle:
this guy vs. nico robin
what about a nico robin? i dont get it
bitsincorporated's avatar…
this is a nico robin,she is capable of remaining unexpressive for an amazing amount of time
IcarusLeonardo's avatar
Oh gods. That episode... XP
Sketch-Shepherd's avatar
If that were me my face would have been stolen in a millisecond.
ThePathOfDreams's avatar
I'd love for those two to meet each other! XD
Springloaded-Studios's avatar
Oh god, if Koh wore that face, I'd have mine stolen because I wouldn't be able to stop laughing.
Shirithenextavatar's avatar
its easy for mai not for me
RobinTehEVOCat's avatar
Man, if I was there instead of Mai, I would've lost my face then and there. This is freaking HILARIOUS. :XD:
Carllito12's avatar
Funny on multiple levels
bambis1's avatar
That explains why Squidward lost his handsome face
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