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Bryke's Convention Guards

I imagine Bryan and Mike must get tired of having to deal with Avatards who exercise bad fan manners (or as I call them, "fanners"). But I bet if they had awesome Fanguards like The Boulder and Combustion Man, they wouldn't have to worry about those troublesome few so much.

And maybe come to MORE conventions. So I can meet them. And wheeeeeze at them. D: I'M SORRY BRYKE YOU'RE JUST SO COOL I CAN'T HELP MYSELF.
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If I ever get a fan base I may have to remember this.

Also, who the hell are these people who hated 'The Beach' episode? That was one of the best episodes in the entire show!

The Boulder and Combustion Man would actually make an amazing tag team!

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Just imagine they actually hired a wrestler to just do that.
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I never known that Boulder and Boom Boom Man can be so useful for this. Its awesome
TinkerTanker44432's avatar
I love the last one.
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The Boulder is not impressed by Sparky-Sparky-Boom Man.
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"The Boulder would like to inform you that he has been wearing the same expression when he is not discouraging fans and that he is mildly satisfied with the fate of the last fanatic."
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The Boulder. The only guy who can make you laugh while he's beating you up.
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People don't like The Beach episode? That, in my opinion, was my favorite and essential to the story. :)
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I agree! That's one of my favorite episodes from Book 3. 
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Creators are privy to several absolute truths.
1. Everyone is a critic. Always.
2. Everyone thinks they can do it better.
3. Crazy people that are mad with rage at you or are just crazy and obsessive will exist eventually. And they multiply in number every day.

Fan guard. A necessity for every creator.
Who hate the beach episode? That ROCKED!
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Yeeaaaaaaaaahhhhh Combustion man and the Boulder!
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You had Cactus Jack in your comic, and no one was given the Mandible Claw or hit with a double-arm DDT?
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This comic is hilarious 
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Creepy Girl: *wheeze*

The Boulder: The Boulder is gonna break your back and make you humble!
Myrethy's avatar
WolfieIsEpic5's avatar
God I'm laughing so hard I am dizzy!
TwistedToonTaylor's avatar
You are a goddamn genius!!!
AmyNChan's avatar
..Ono-sensei needs one of these....  o.o
SlyPurpleFox's avatar
3rd pane advice: JUST BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS
joethehero2's avatar
And it turns out wheezing girl just had a breathing problem.
MermaidMaddie's avatar
i died. omg.
zutara 5eva but i would never boycott avatar ever no god no 
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