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Avatar goes CARTOONY
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Published: April 22, 2007
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At long last, I reveal to you my Secret Project: "Avatar gone CARTOONY!"

Here, I’ve drawn each the Avatar kids (and Iroh :) ) who have appeared in more than one episode of the series in a different cartoon style( I would have liked to do all the other characters, but c’mon…I’m only human!). See if you can guess who is done in what style before scrolling down to read who’s what!

Made your guesses? Okay!

Aang: 1950’s retro. This style has been really popular in cartoons lately, such as in Samurai Jack, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Dexter’s Lab, and so on. If there’s one style that captures his carefree attitude best, I think it’s this one.

Katara: Shoujo anime. Ahem…this may or may not be influenced by Isaia’s “Revolutionary Girl Katara”. >///> ….damn, but she’s skinny drawn like that!

Sokka: Simpsons/Futurama style. Probably his favorite shows!

Toph: Powerpuff Girls. Coz Toph and Buttercup would be bestest fwiends forever!

Momo: Sanrio. As if Momo wasn’t disgustingly cute enough, huh?

Appa: Sesame Street. BiG Bird gets blamed for his shit all the time. ;)

Yue: Danny Phantom. Coz she’s…a SPIRIT? Hahaha! …aw, c’mon guys, laugh! It’s funny!

Suki: Kim Possible. Yeah, I could see her pulling Kim’s job. Notice how Yue and Suki look alike? It’s not just my crappy drawing! Both styles were created by the genius known as Stephen Silver. WORSHIP HIM.

Iroh: Old Skool. Yeah, like Felix the Cat and Steamboat Willy old skool. I can see him just busting a gut during these cartoons, and Zuko being like… “What’s so great about that?”

Zuko: Dragon Ball Z. His power level is over NINE-THOUSAAAAAAAND!!!11

Azula: Jhonen Vasquez style. Coz, I’ll be damned if Azula doesn't fit right in the homicidal maniac/insane conqueror department.

Mai: Emily the Strange. Don’t lie. You know Mai stalks Hot Topic.

Ty Lee: Rainbow Brite?! WHY DOES THAT WORK SO WELL?! *sob!*

Jet: Crime Noir. Not that it looks close to anything Frank Miller would do, but I think doing him in this kind of gritty black and white style works well for him.

Sorry I milked this for so long, guys! You were probably expecting a lot more, huh? ^^; Well, I hope you enjoy it anyway. I worked hard on it (albeit on and off, but still…).

EDIT 4/4/07: Finally gave Zuko his scar (HOW did I forget THAT one?), fixed Toph's shirt, and tweak a few tiny things on Appa. So it's all gravy now. :)
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Stupid me thought those tassels were Yue's feet.
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Club-Dreamiverse|Hobbyist General Artist
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I like that you matched the visual styles to the characters' personalities. I think I'll try something like that with my own characters. I'll just add that to my growing list of projects. My one complaint is that Azula is a teenager. She wouldn't look like the child-sized characters of Invader Zim. She'd look more like Devi or Tess.
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Veggieman|Student Filmographer
Excellent work!  I'd forgotten what the name of this one was so looking for it took me quite some time.
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wow i really like your designs, would u mid if i use some of them?
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Zuko is like Tien shinhan in dragonball.
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Zuko: Uncle,what are you doing?

Iroh: I'm cuddling the water spirit, Zuko!

Zuko: It's dead, Uncle.

Iroh: Nooooooooooooooo!!!
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IAmTheVeryBadArtist|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Appa is staring into my soul. 
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hgdmhh|Student General Artist
There's something so wrong with this...
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Freakerybattery4|Hobbyist General Artist
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firewyrm2018|Hobbyist General Artist
OMG MOMO IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Scaredy Cat Emote 
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Ultimus5|Hobbyist Writer
Oh my god, Toph as a Powepuff Girl is so perfect it's absurd. Kudos to you and your artwork!
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Invader Azula :P
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daufuskiedog|Hobbyist General Artist
omygosh, as soon as i saw zuko I said 'It's over NINE-THOUSAAAND!!!' in Vageta's voice!! Angry vageta emoticon Angry vageta emoticon 
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hahaha Toph and Sokka!
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malanaks|Hobbyist Digital Artist
suki as kim possible is great. her, iroh, and toph are probably the highlights for me.
the style you used for jet is crazy cool but i'm not very fond of his character sooo... :P
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I remember seeing this in the Avatar issue of Nick Magazine. Amazing art beyond amazing.
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CHAR-C0AL|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love Sokka
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Azula: Jhonen Vasquez style. Coz, I’ll be damned if Azula doesn't fit right in the homicidal maniac/insane conqueror department. Or Invader zim style! lol! oh wait, am I going to die?
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Wow this is so cool! All of them are so well recast but I have to say that noir Sin City-ish suits Jet so well. I'm now re-envisioning his episodes with a gritty inner monologue
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this is so funny
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Exploration10|Hobbyist General Artist
i love what you did to sokka
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MiniSpiritWolf|Student Photographer
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azula goes invader zim O.o
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