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Avatar: LOK Discovers Shipping!

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Ha, you all knew it coming! In honor of the first season finishing, the cast of Korra discover the delight that is shipping!

And then they are never the same.

Will probably create more as the series goes on, or who knows, maybe I'll tack on some extra characters to this one. This was about all I could do for the time budget. Ah well.

Don't know what shipping is? Why don't YOU discover the delight here:[link]
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Korra and Lin have the best reactions, hands down!

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and she ends up with Asami

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Bloodboners sound spook painful. Is that a real tag?

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i investigated what was a donkey´s punch

i was like, "what the fuck?"
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"I'm not tramping around the avatar" 

Three <gwmw class="ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-type-1" id="gwmw-15568565122384698076436">doritos</gwmw> later...
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Hilarious in hindsight, that fourth one
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The last four killed me 🤣
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OOOOhhh Asami lol
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Aang has seen it all
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Lin's is gosh dang hilarious.
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Lin's reaction seems legit!
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Everyone's reacting to it, and then there's Aang... Then again, he did have to live through the shipping war of Kataang and Zutara back when the show was about him and no one wanted to get along because of those two ships.
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OMG the reactions are priceless LMAO XDDDDDDDDDDD
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Lin is my reaction on fandoms in general.
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with extra disgust and "youre stupid"
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Hahaha! Amazing! Simply amazing!
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I'm tied between Lin and Asami's reactionsXD
Nightstreadr150's avatar
Ffffffft... Newbies XD
APessimisticDreamer's avatar
Bwahahaha! This is hilarious! Asami and Lin's reactions are awesome. Aang's is just plain priceless. Aww but poor Bolin though.
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