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Scrap Droid (PeeAr-ArSixThree) [ref] by: thelittle by BooRat Scrap Droid (PeeAr-ArSixThree) [ref] by: thelittle by BooRat
Scrap Droid commission by:  thelittlemeerkak

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commissioned by -   boorat
artwork by - :icon
(I) asked for a a drawing with flat colors of (my) crazy female droid,   thelittlemeerkak's honestly never done something like this! and it was fun :D I hope you like it!


GENDER: Female/Effeminate personality and outward characteristics and features.

HEIGHT: 1.95 Meters

DESCRIPTION: A personal droid (for my Star Wars OC) that was cobbled together from parts different makes and models of droid that can be found on/in nearly any junk planet!
The head, torso, and one arm will be of a Protocol Droid like C-3PO0-0-0, and C-3PX.
From the waist down is an almost complete Astromech Droid like the R-Series like BT-1Skippy, and R2-D2. It might be a whole unit but the "head" is grafted to the Protocol Droid torso in a way that it can lean forward to stay balanced/level when it moves as Astromechslead back when they need to move fast.
The other arm that replaces the missing Protocol Droid's is a B2 Super Battle Droid's or higher models in this line as seen during theClone Wars.
Mounted on the lower back (like a tail) of this droid hidden from view is a secret 3rd arm which is an old B1 Battle Droid's that is always holding onto a small Blaster or Lightsaber-like weapon for sneak attacks.

APPAREL: Over its body this droid wears a mixture of soft-goods and battle armor to both conceal its droid-nature and identity along with added protection in combat. It wears an old busted Mandalorian helmet with the visor missing or an old Blue Senate Guard helmetand General Grievous-like hearing sensors mounted to the sides, noticeably female Mandalorian breast plate and shoulder armor, mounted on the one Protocol Droid arm is a Gauntlet like the ones worn by Jango and Boba Fett with a torn and tattered under shirt covering most of the rest the arm, to help hide the Astromech lower body it wears a long tunic and tabards under the armor plates with asash/belt at the waist line, on its back is a missile like the one used by Jango on Obi Wan but not a full jetpack as the Astromech lower half gives it a flight system already, and finally over all this armor and clothing it wears a hooded cape/cloak. The coloring of the Droid itself is Metallic Yellow and its armor elements are a Greenish/Gray camo pattern like an ARF Trooper from the Clone Warswith the pattern on the helmet and face looking more like Sith tattoos. As for the cloth-goods a mixture of black leathers and grayish/green fabrics.

WEAPONRY: Weaponry-wise it'll carry with on its back or in its hands some sort of blaster rifle, a blaster pistol on its hip, several different types of grenades on its belt or on a bandoleer across its chest and shoulder, and built into the Droid itself is a Droideka Field Projector.
MahiyanaCarudla Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Kinda creepy :O
mrkillzo Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
this is pretty rocking man.  :headbang:

and quite a bit hilarious. 

I'm in awe, and laughing at the same time. Def one of your best.  

probably no match for pack rat though! 
Shallon4000 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016
Bubba Fett as a human was pretty fierce.  Bubba Fett as a droid may well be unstoppable!  :#1:

Cool work friend.  :dance:
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