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Dangerous Shade

By BoomGTS
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"Holy shit! We gotta relocate our seats, hun!"
"Harold! Why do you always want to move AFTER the clouds come in and finally make things comfortably shady?"
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SherlokKiril's avatar

Stunning job on her feet !

warsteiner59's avatar
Hehehe but not to the giantesses
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
You'd think someone would put up a sign warning that giants were about...
BoomGTS's avatar
Damn budget cuts!
Fuuuck, I love this size difference. Please do more with this model.
BoomGTS's avatar
We shall see!
SheikTheGeek's avatar
Awesome POV angle!
BoomGTS's avatar
Dangerous shade indeed. 

Nice now please don't step on me. Nice.

SeleenaAkim's avatar
"Those aren't clouds babe!" Lmao I'm wondering, micros on normal beach or the girls accidentally walked to the micro side. I just love the angle of her foot, the perspective is insane and I like the girls in the picture. The description made me laugh too. 
BoomGTS's avatar
No need to worry about those particulars. This is just a standalone render, and not part of the MMML comics. The tinies are at a different scale than the micros in that series.
dablueguy's avatar
What are the laws for a world like this?
BoomGTS's avatar
It's just a fun standalone render. No rules.
dablueguy's avatar
MrSirk's avatar

Hrmm. I'm not sure relaxing on the beach where the giant women were was a smart idea to begin with...but to each their own I guess. I'd probably do the same.

BoomGTS's avatar
We'd be terrible if a bunch of giant aliens invaded the planet... running towards catastrophic.
Big-ELSA's avatar
BoomGTS's avatar
MEGA AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AzumiHaruki's avatar
when i read the title i was like instantly into gossip mode. "Who throwing shade?"
Like she is covering up the tinies so they are ignored by her friend wondering the whereabouts of friends. 
gorgaar's avatar
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