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Shyguy hadouken test

Just a li'l flash test I made here. The Shyguy poses used in this were made by me. I'll upload a sheet later, but so far, it's just for show.

Shyguy belongs to Nintendo
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If only it was shoryuken....

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Epsome test dude i'm gonna make poses for my sprite project i'm making.
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Cool, good luck with that bud.
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Alright then i'll finish my sprites if i would work on it.
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A shyguy using a kamehameha? That's so badass! Amazing work on this dude! (:
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Thanks bud. Heh heh, I'd say that looks more like a hadouken than a kamehameha, I should change the name to make it sound more fitting LOL. But thank you.
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SMBHOTS: Bosses are sorry by Sally462it's for AsylusGoji91
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Yeah I did notice that. XD Yeah kamehameha would look like a beam. :iconkamehamehaplz:
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boomerbro6 it's for AsylusGoji91's profile  SMB Heroes of the Stars EP12 - pinned note by Sally462 I DON'T WANT PRINCESS SHROOB TO DIE I WANT HER TO SAY SORRY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *crying*.
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For fucks sake, stop replying to comments that were made 5 years ago. They don't even know about this project that he's working on.
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he said she's going to apologize please
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