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Good Koopa v2 ch 1 page 1

So this is how it all begins. This is my new revamped Good Koopa series. Now you can all find out what happens when a Koopa Troopa betrays the Koopa Kingdom.

Koopa belongs to Nintendo...
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Mmm. Good start.
BeeWinter55's avatar
This should be interesting
trejowauk's avatar
That looks good!
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Good thinking, Koopa. Those serving under Bowser tend to live shorter lives. Mario maybe a plumber, but he ain't no pushover.

...but nether is Bowser. He better get as far away as he can before someone catches that note, or that boot mark on his head might get covered with burn marks. Probably would have been wise if he had just left without any warning, and made them believe he perished against Mario.
boomerbro6's avatar
Well, getting stomped by Mario messed with his head a little bit, so he didn't really think about that.

Also, how's it going? It's been so long since you've last been active.
PeaterTroopea's avatar
Understandable. He's stomped the heads of many. Some would surely suffer some brain damage.

It's going alright. I know I've not been very active. I did recently post a few Mario Kart themed pics, but yeah. I should post more.
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Good decicion Koopa
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LOL he could meet the Koopa Village maybe?
boomerbro6's avatar
Maybe, if he ever loses the Koopa Bros.
Dyl8220's avatar
That's right, if the Koopa Bros. find the Koopa Village the will make them all slaves or something
AceofspadesTH's avatar
nice job an awesome with the finger the koopa gave to bowser XDD
boomerbro6's avatar
That boot mark you see on the Koopa's face is where Mario stomped on him.
KK862's avatar
is that Koopa giving Bowser's door the finger?
boomerbro6's avatar
Flipped off Bowser and his kingdom before he left. XD
KK862's avatar
ok thank you
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