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Basic Koopa sheet update

Well. Here's an update of my basic Koopa sheet, equipped with new poses and some of my conversions and shiz. Enjoy.


:iconshadow624: - extra poses
:iconnintendosteven: and :iconboomerbro6: - running sprites
:iconcyberwolfjv: for the Koopa edits
RidgeTroopa - Koopa MLSS styled sprites
Nintendo - Koopa
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I don't want to download the png files. I need a files that have all moves in it

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Boomer!? I didn't know you sprited so well! :0
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Thanks for the compliment. And yes, I do some customs sometimes.
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lolz mostley poses form sonic chars XD
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Alright then make it complete i will send you the one that you will edit.
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What do you mean by make it complete?
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You know that move that they learned like shadow's back kick and shadow upper kick.
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Oh that's right there's an extra poses of koopa.
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I see you used the sprites I showed you from Shadow642 ;w;
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wow thats alot of updates
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Pretty cool, Why do you lime so much Koopas?
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I dunno. Koopa's one of my fave Mario characters and he's pretty easy to sprite.
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it's a cool sheet with some nice poses and nice work
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This looks great dude! I like it!
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