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Went to CenterParcs in September, which was really good, lots of biking around, a spot of archery and general good times! Besides that... not a great deal has happened, got absolutely slaughtered at Gareth's birthday party, went to Hull last weekend (Primark and Tescos, what a day out!) and generally just got on with things! I signed up for goodreads.com a few days ago, hoping it would spur me on to finally finish Hsi Yu Chi (which I've now been reading for... five months on October 11th? It's not even as long as Don Quixote!) I'd say it actually helping me a long a bit.. Well, that and the fact that we've finally started getting to the main beef of the story, the quest of Tripitaka, Sun Wukong, Pa Chieh and Wu Ching to get to the west.

On the Pokémon front, I've beaten 3 more gyms, leaving just Clair now of the Johto leaders, and then onto Kanto! I've also -finally- completed my trainercard!
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