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So! January came and went very quickly, I'm settled in at work and everything is going well! These first few days of February are flying by, but at the same time I struggle to remember the end of January! At least the long periods are settling on the weekends.

I've been cycling to work now that the weather has decided to stop being a dick, very good and doesn't take all that long, but it's very cold on the fingers and ears, I've taken to wearing the winning combination of gloves and hat!

The Jeeves Omnibus has taken a back seat, I finished the first of the short stories within the book and intend to read the other two at a later date... I've decided instead to focus on other books, first A Study in Scarlet and now Van Loon's Lives. Both very enjoyable, especially so the latter, not just exciting to read but enlightening. I never knew so much about Erasmus!
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