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Another deckplan commission for BaronNeutron, this one was an interesting one to do as it bore a strong resemblance to the stock models of the YT-1300 so gave me an opportunity to stick closer to the original plans whilst still tailoring it to the Baron's unique needs! Fun!
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Note how the only toilet of the thing is in the Captain's cabin.
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I love looking at your deckplans!
Do you by any chance do commissions?

GOD bless
John 3:16
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well...since this was a commission for is possible he does commissions...but who knows!
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Nice to see a port-side cockpit model.  Most of them are laid out like the Falcon and almost all of the rest are centerline.  The only port-side models I've seen are this one and the Last Chance. :)
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Thank you! I really appreciate it 
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You did a realy nice job on this .
 I'm sorry to ask. but doesn't the cockpit of the yt-1300 belong to the right side?
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YT-1300s have cockpits on the left, right, and center
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Lol, whoever's in the kitchen better be the height of a Jawa. XD
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Looks good. I was wondering what program you used?
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You don't have any deckplans of the film ships?
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I have been planning on doing a deckplan of the Republic Cruiser from Episode 1, but otherwise I do not plan on doing any movie ships - there's a wealth of official deckplans published in RPG sourcebooks for them!!
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Nice vehicle map!
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You're welcome. Usually people exchange Llama's, no thank you required.
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Ooh, I like your style, whish I could do a deckplan this detailed of my scrapyard XS "stock" light freighter I thought up for my OC...

Sigh..., ah well, nice work! really Impressive.
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i would love to be able to do something like this, but i wouldn't know where to begin with the ship i have in my mind
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Start by looking at the sort of ship you're wanting, if it already exists in the canon then great! Find as many shots as you can so you can better visualise the insides. I did something like this for the Lantallian GX that once appeared in the Clone Wars CG Cartoon - loved the ship so much I pored over every image I could find to bring it to deckplan life!
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Looks like the millanium falcon lol
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Good work, but there needs to be a lot more machinery behind the engine outlets and the side walls. On YT-1300s there are water tanks where you've got the bacta tank, and you put escape pods in the docking rings which negates their purpose on a freighter.
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Whilst I agree there should be a little more room where the aft rooms are concerned (a rookie mistake on my part from trying to follow the commissioner's plans too literally) I wouldn't say it would need a -lot- more machinery (though you're probably right that the bacta tank and shower in the med bay would be incredibly cramped due to the lower height at the edges of the room).

If you refer to official deckplans… (using some WotC ones here as the owner's manual doesn't have both the f & p classes side by side) you'll see that not a lot of room would need to be shaved off, and in reference to the p class, both docking rings can be replaced with escape pods. In which case all ship-to-ship movement would need to be done via the EVA room (which has access to an airlock on the bottom of the ship).
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Ah, I see. :) Regardless of nitpicking on my part, your work is impressive. Do you still do commissions of deckplans?
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I do indeed! The time I can dedicate to them a little more limited than it used to be but I absolutely love doing them still! Note me if you're interested :D
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