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Columbia's Songbook

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Bioshock Infinite is a pretty damn good game! And the music in it’s damn good too, a mix of period songs as well as some weird anachronistic ones like R.E.M’s ‘Shiny Happy People’ or Soft Cell’s ‘Tainted Love’!

Irrational haven’t released these as an album, so I’ve gone and sourced them for myself and made this as an album cover! I guess you could call it fanart? Heh..
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Is there anyway to know who sing them in the videogame ? I mean, if you take just Ain't She Sweet, there's a lot of groups who interpreted it !
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This is gorgeous! Fits in perfectly with the world of Columbia, great use of typography, and a great example of simulated letterpress!
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This is so awesome!
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what about "god only knows" by the beach boys? That's super early in the game.
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I could only include a few of the anachronistic ones, otherwise it'd get a little crowded! I had to miss out Tainted Love too and I love that one!
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For the record, the Soft Cell version of Tainted Love is also a cover. It was originally recorded by Gloria Jones in 1965 (which sounds a bit closer to the version you here in Bioshock Infinite).

I wish Irrational would have released these tracks. And your album art would be perfect!
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Tainted love was playing on a Phonograph in Finkton, in the bar with the Irish thugs ^^
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Oh I know, I do love a bit of motown <3

But judging from the time period the rest of the anachronistic songs came from, I think it's safe to say the Soft Cell version is the one that inspired them!
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For sure. The original was not a big hit by any means.
Do you know if either version is lurking in a tear somewhere in Columbia?
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Not the originals, I don't think! I believe the only original version of any of them is 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' early on in the game.
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Nope. Cyndi Lauper and CCR are both featured in certain scenes.
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The originals you mean and not these covers? Ooh I gotta find them then!
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Gotta remember. CCR is somewhere outside Fink's factory. There's a cute dialogue about it. Booker says "I don't think I've ever heard that song before" and Elizabeth says "I don't think anyone's ever heard that song before". This happens before you encounter Chen Lin.

I think the Cyndi Lauper one occurs in Emporia, but I'm less sure.
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Yes, it's in a building floating, it was Finks brother, Albert Fink. There was a tear in his house, and he actually "stole" the songs from the future and made them like they are.
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