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Hey yall. Now that my style has developed further, I've reopened my commissions. Anything from simple sketches to my fully finished pictures with a variety of pricing options. 

Pricing is available on my blog

I've created a paypal and am opening commissions to the general public. My paypal stuff is located on my tumblr page, linked here:
You can see my pricing choices there. For now, they're non negotiable, so I hope they're reasonable. =)
Love you all.
I got my computer back but the guy who fixed it didn't give me photoshop like he said he would. So, i guess i don't get it. -sigh-
SO! I might be getting photoshop soon. If I do, I will start offering commissions. I don't have the prices figured out yet, they'll be low since I don't consider myself that great an artist, but hopefully I get a few takers. =)
Some asshole reported one of my drawings, despite the two obviously being drawn as ADULTS, and it was removed.

So, I wont be doing any more requests on this site until further notice since I'm pissed off at everyone here. Sorry that one bad apple spoiled the cider guys.
If you want, you can send me requests now.
...NO KAA!! I hate that snake, I will not draw him any more so please don't ask me.
Attention all requesters. I'm getting super burned out from all the drawing I've been doing, not just on here, but also tumblr pictures as well. I'm taking a week off from any and all requests. Next Monday, if you still would like me to draw something for you, then you may ask me at that point. Until then, have a great week! 
Hey anyone who's looking at my crap <3 I have a bamboo drawing tablet on it's way to me right now! After I fiddle around and get the hang of it, I'll upload better quality drawings. (no scanner needed YAY) I'm just excited and thought I'd share. Fwee.