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Hunger drove her from home. Invasion from his. They are the last Ilmar, naked savages . . . Heroes!!! The Ages of Aenya Illustrated Adventure features artwork culled from a variety of artists from over 15 years! Each piece tells a story, a journey through exotic blazing deserts and moonlit plains, from cities of marble to long forgotten ruins. Here there be monsters, and time-traveling historians, but this is also the tale of the Ilmar, a people searching for a home, a people shunned by civilization. They are Xandr and Thelana, last of a proud but simple agrarian race, immune to all but the harshest of climes, fighting as they have lived, entirely naked, armored in nothing but sky.

Follow the link below (1) to begin the adventure! Enjoy!  
To begin the illustrated adventure, Go to STORY MARKER (1): AGES OF AENYA ILLUSTRATED

Learn more about the world of Aenya and the fantasy of Nick Alimonos at The Writer's Disease and Thanks! 
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