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Thelana 2010 by Evan Kyrou (4B)



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STORY MARKER (4B): Famine, drought, and the invading forces from the dark hemisphere makes life impossible for Thelana and her family. In order to survive, Thelana is sent far into the surrounding woods. For cycles (weeks), she survives naked and alone, hunting with dagger and bow. At night, she sleeps in the treetops, hiding from the many predators roaming the forest. Fate does not turn her way, however, as she is pursued by a cannibalistic halfman and nearly loses her life. Before the killing blow, she is rescued by a band of soldiers from Kratos. Having never met an Ilmarin before, they are startled by her brazen disregard for clothing, while she finds their habit of dress equally perplexing. Wounded by the halfman, Thelana is taken to an encampment by the men of Kratos, where she is taught to hide her body in armor and, with her remarkable archery skills, is recruited into the Kratan army.

To learn more about the halfman, go to STORY MARKER (4-B): HALFMAN (4C) 
Or go to STORY MARKER (5): Thelana at the Battle of Narth (5) 

Like any Ilmarin, Thelana makes her home in the woods, far from the lust and greed of civilized man. Her survival is dependent solely on her bow. The image of Thelana was made by my friend Evan Kyrou.

For more Aenya, please visit: The Writer's Disease
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Truly stunning work. I love her confidence!