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[DD | Prompt] Welcome to Dainty Crossing

By bookfangeek
You got a letter from MINA! It reads:
I took a little trip to a small town with a LOT of dainties! It was a super cute place and I had a lot of fun meeting everyone! I brought my cousin Lori and her friend Orchid with me and we all had a great time!
Wish you were here!
- Andromeda (Mina)

HFF. This took me SIGNIFICANTLY longer than I THOUGHT it would XD. I had a ton of fun making these little Animal Crossing dainties though! I'd love to do more some time!

Special thanks to everyone who sent in dainties for me to draw! I'll be noting you guys with links to individual images of your characters soon!!
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:iconnikkikirkland: :iconkris-goat: :iconprobablyimpossible: :iconmonoatrobascamine: :iconpest-ilence: :iconsalt--prince: :iconsakura-hyuga: :iconeamka: :icone-nosst: :iconggdrawsstuff: :iconhotelbee: :iconzodiaccloud: :iconqueenpoppy: :iconleon071: :iconpeachtheplum: :iconsaint-mayhem: :iconmilkypeen: :iconsylueon: :iconkistvne: :iconchurarara: :iconkillerlillers: :iconscardrawsstuff: :iconthemushroomancer: :iconsakura-hyuga: :iconmischief-studios: :iconizsumi123: :iconsubject404: :iconplutoshero: :iconmochibread: :iconthat1personinaonesie:
Thanks so much for letting me use your kids in my entry and may Nintendo release the new AC game soon~!! 

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samagirl's avatar
bookfangeek's avatar
AHhh!! Thank you so much!! >W< This piece REALLY helped my addiction for drawing other people's OCs haha! XD
samagirl's avatar
AAAA no problem! And lol I’m sure it did!
QueenPoppy's avatar
This is insanely good the detail is amazing and your art is adorable good luck and thank you so much again for including Dite and Miguel<33
bookfangeek's avatar
Ahhh!! Thank you so much!! I had a lot of fun making this! Thanks for letting me use your kids!! >W<
ZodiacCloud's avatar
OhHH MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME?? Its so cute and you inlcuded so many dainties!!! <3 so much work was put into this!! I hope you win x'D tysm for including my boy too uwu!!
bookfangeek's avatar
AHHH THANK YOU!! I'm so glad you liked it!! I definitely wasn't expecting to put in forty five dainty but, you know, life can surprise you sometimes aisdhfis XD! Thanks so much for letting me use your kiddo in the image! :D
ZodiacCloud's avatar
x'D so manY DAINTIES OMG QWQ thats dedication x'D
you're welcome!! ^^ I'm glad you included him in such an awesome big piece uwu <3
ProbablyImpossible's avatar
This is so adorable! :love: And thank you for including everyone's characters! You must be amazingly dedicated to include so many! 
bookfangeek's avatar
Ahh thank you!! I'm honestly so glad I made room for so many characters! This was definitely a great way to relieve stress during midterms, I had a lot of fun drawing everyone! ^^
nikkikirkland's avatar
Ahhhh! This looks incredible!!! Thank you so much for putting my kiddo in! : D ❤️
bookfangeek's avatar
Thank you so much!! >///< Thanks so much for letting me draw him! He's super cute!!
That1PersonInAOnesie's avatar
These all look so cute! Thanks so much for putting my guys in.
bookfangeek's avatar
Thank you so much!! You're welcome!! I had fun drawing them!! >W<
sylueon's avatar
aaaa this is too cute!! thank you for including my children, i love this! look at them all baww <3 ;w;
bookfangeek's avatar
Thank you so much ahhh!! >///<
KillerLillers's avatar
OMG! I see my precious Tauzy bebe!!! Thank you so much for drawing him and sending me an individual picture <3 Bless!
bookfangeek's avatar
Ahh!! You're welcome!! I had a lot of fun drawing him!! >W<
KillerLillers's avatar
BLESS <3 He is my precious little boi!~
xXAwkwardAngelXx's avatar
Omg you did such an amazing job!!! 
bookfangeek's avatar
Thank you so much!! >///<
Monoatrobascamine's avatar
OH THIS IS SO CUTE. Its so sweet of u to include everyone like this >:3c!!
bookfangeek's avatar
AHH THANK YOU!! I always love drawing other people's OCs so I KNEW I couldn't pass up this opportunity!! ^^
E-nosst's avatar
This is honestly AMAZING, I LOVE IT
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