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Honestly I'm just biding my time until launches at this point.


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You know... normally I would use pixels for this to make this more interesting and not just a block of text but...


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I do!
I ignore them.
You stream? (Yes! Three times a week!
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TO EVERYONE WHO ORDERED A TURN-IN DAINTY DESIGN FROM ME: If you upload them to TH, just know I do, in fact have a TH account you can credit!! It's @/bookfangeek over there too! ^U^
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-- ONLY THE DESIGNS ARE FREE! YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE MYO SLOT YOURSELF!!!-- HELLOWWWWW! Another unlimited slot sale is upon us! And as such I'd like to open my traditional FREE UNLIMITED SLOT EVENT CUSTOMS! Due to at least one person claiming a design from my last round of customs and then not turning it in, I will NOT accept your custom unless you are a part of the Darling-Dainties group! I also reserve the right to deny your custom AT ANY TIME. If I accept your custom, read through it again and then realize after the fact that I'm uncomfortable with something in the order I WILL cancel it (cancellations will be given warning and the chance to edit your order!) Aside from the stipulations above, these will be FCFS! THESE CUSTOMS COME WITH - One barbie doll nude of the character - One outfit - Ear and tail references - Stocking references (when needed) - Copy-pasteable assets for ease of design owner's drawing! (i.e. repeating patterns for stockings, shirt decals
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I LOVE Power Pills!!!

Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you like it! ^U^

Thank you so much for replying to my comment! ^v^

Happy Birthday
Thank you so much!! >W<