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[OPEN] Commission Short List


[DD | Prompt] Happy Unbirthday


[DD | Prompt] Happy Unbirthday

Henry didn’t fully know what to expect when he stumbled across the table. It was long, long enough to seat 50 people, easily. A white, lacy tablecloth created a sharp glow that stung his eyes in the blacklight esque atmosphere of Wonderland. Every place at the table was set with fine china and gleaming silverware and were adorned with a unique, loud, and chaotic-looking teacup. On top of a doily in the center of the table sat tiers of finger food, all spiraling up to a teapot that appeared to be floating a few inches off of its plate. Nellie, who stood off to his left, didn’t seem bothered by the sight. Being raised in Wonderland did have the added perk of being used to its weirdness. Alex, however, turned to look at Henry, her mouth opening as if about to speak but Henry held up a hand to silence her. As if in a trance, Henry walked over to the table, his hand reached out slowly to try and touch one of the cups. As he walked, the world felt as if it fuzzed over by a layer of static.
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[CLOSED ALREADY????] Last-Minute Turn-In Customs!

[CLOSED ALREADY????] Last-Minute Turn-In Customs!

I WANT TO START OFF BY SAYING THAT IF YOU WANT A CUSTOM FROM ME BUT DON'T HAVE THE MONEY FOR THE TURN-IN, I WILL PAY FOR YOUR SLOT, IT'S NO BIGGIE!! >D< I got $100 to spare~! PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR ME TO PAY UNLESS YOU GENUINELY CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY FOR THE DAINTY!!! I MIGHT have spare money but I don't have THAT much of it ;_; (That does mean, yes, these customs are not only free, they may actually cost me money asidhfiasdf. I like to design dainties okay? >0<) These are FCFS unless I am uncomfortable with your design idea. Which is a very rare occurrence. I will only pay for people who order a custom! --- Helloooo!!! I got all my customs done from the first round!! I'm going to open 3 more but they're going to work a little differently than the original customs! In order to ensure I get all of these customs done on time, I will be making VERY fast references for you before the turn-in. Then, once I get all of the fast references done, I will go back and make you something nicer in

[WAITLIST OPEN] Free Dainty Turn-In Customs!

[WAITLIST OPEN] Free Dainty Turn-In Customs!

DISCLAIMER! These customs are for dainty DESIGNS only! You'll still have to pay for the MYO slot!! HELLO HELLO!! So I love designing dainties. Yes? Yes. I would LOVE to make some dainties for the turn-in event! 100% FREE! So, what I'm offering is an on-base dainty custom! Comes with a clothesless version and one outfit! I will use whatever base you want (so long as the owner of the base allows it to be used for customs), even if it's P2U! This is what the custom will look like! aaaand EXAMPLES! This is quite literally every dainty I've ever designed ever. If you're interested, here's the form that gives me everything I need to know about your order! Base: Gender: General Age: (Kid, teen, young adult, adult, elder etc. You know. Sims ages.) Expression/Personality: Theme/Aesthetic: (If you have one! This category is not required! This would be a place to link Pinterest/mood boards!) Outfit: (Images help a lot!) Hairstyle: Stockings: Ears/Horns/Wing/Hoof
I can't believe how little I go through my watch feed now that Eclipse is live. It just makes everything so tedious to sort through.

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