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Deviousness Award

When bookdiva first stepped foot on the soil that which deviantART resides who ever would have thought that she would have grown in to the powerhouse that she is today? After a little settling in period she began to slowly get in to the deviantART groove and went on a commenting spree that is reminiscent of some other popular deviants. Bookdiva garnered an astounding 9518 deviation comments in 2002, which averages out to 28.84 comments a day! Her comments go above and beyond and offer constructive criticism rather than a mere one-line praise of the submission. On top of that she has been kind enough to send her thanks via deviant user page comments, which she controlled for 2002. Her constant vigilance of new and exciting art exhibits and upcoming events in the world of art depict her as someone who is truly in love with art. Overall, bookdiva has grown in to one devious deviant that is willing to help out anyone in need and continually displays her passion for the community, for people and for deviantART!
Awarded Jan 2003

Blah, Blah

Blah, Blah

~~~~~~ Actual Journal Beginning I am just updating my journal, deleting the older, previous one. Life has been hectic, but a good hectic. ~~~~~~ I keep 1-2 journals on deviantART, maximum, at any given time, usually, just one...and have done so for over two years. ~~~~~~ Book Recommendations: ~~~~~~ Film Recommendations: DVD: ~~~~~~ I thought this would be good for a laugh, the link was on my daughter's website  You have to try this, it is a riot.  I made it to 323.4 feet.  I am still going to try to get a few feet more.  Start by clicking the abominable snowman at the bottom, and hitting the penguin.

To Pillow or Not to Pillow?

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  • Onestar must always mention his pillow
  • Onestar must never mention his pillow
  • Onestar must remove his pillow
  • Onestar must keep his pillow on, at all times

Michelangelo's 'David' Turns 500 Years Old

Michelangelo's 'David' Turns 500 Years Old

To celebrate the birthday of Michelangelo's David, the people of Florence, Italy, kicked off a celebration of events that will last for one year.  The events celebrating David's 500th birthday will be celebrated with artistic flair.  From fireworks to exhibits, from seminars to concerts, the year will host a multitude of events for both citizens of Florence, and tourists alike to view and to participate in. According to Antonio Paolucci, superintendent of city museums, "We want David's 500th birthday to spark debate, to be controversial, to challenge people about what art is today, not just what it was 500 years ago". For all of the deviant

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Hope wherever you are you are happy and well. Miss ya, it's been too many long years!

Love, iCore

Two of my DA favourites gone :(

I miss you Diva, I'm sorry I haven't been on here in sooo many years. I hope you are well.x

Umm ... Anybody home?

Hello there !!
Hey! It's Scott Jarkoff's mother.
Are you still here Miss Bookdiva?  Its been many years since we've chatted.
I hope you're well. :)