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grazie per avermi accettato nel gruppo :) (Smile) 
Hey there! I'm Kells, and I'm a Graphical Artist with 10+ years of experience (a Poet as well). I provide Novel Covers, Discord Graphics (Profile Pictures, Server Banners, and Server Icons), Presentations (Workplace & Personal Usage), and Literary Editing.

All of my prices are semi-negotiable and reasonableRefunds are offered in certain circumstances, and quality is assured in each Commission. If you'd like a Commission from me, read the Journal below and Note/message me.

Thank you, and stay awesome! :la:

Kellsyy, Admin of 5 Groups and Founder/Publisher of Art Exhibiton. :heart:

Kellsy's Commissions
Kellsyy is a Graphical Artist whose offers Commissions of great quality for USD or DA Points. As of April 22, 2019, at 5:35 PM EST, her Commissions are Open!

She offers four types of CommissionsNovel CoversPresentations (Workplace & Personal Usage), Literary Editingand Discord Graphics (Profile Pictures, Server Icons, and Server/Channel Banners).
For further information on each type, read the entirety of this JournalBy asking for a Commission, you imply that you've read and agree to all of Kellsyy's Terms and Regulations.
Terms of Commissioning.
When Commissioning Kellsyy, keep in mind these Rules.

ToC 1: Payment, Requesting, & Pricing. 
Payment must be given before Kellsyy begins with your Commission. USD trans

WP Cover 8: Brimstone Silence. by Kellsyy WP Cover 15: All Over Again. by Kellsyy WP Cover 11: Chasing Lights. by Kellsyy WP Cover 6: Paper Crafted Lovewrecks. by Kellsyy
1 submittion a year? what's the deal?
Thanks for adding me!!! la in love 
is this art acceptable??… 
I would like to know the answer. thx!
Thank you for accepting me!
Can anyone in here help me with step by step written instructions on how I can create my own book cover using either Microsoft Word 2013 or Microsoft Publisher 2013. I cannot afford to purchase and graphic programs other than what the computer came with. I know what I want, but no matter how hard I try when I try and add the 2nd image, I can't get it all the way to the left and going to the edge of the cover without it stretching out or just not keeping the same attributes. I need it to keep the same attributes, but I have no clue how to do that with these programs. Please help me if you can. I really do not want someone to do it for me. I would just assume do it myself with instructions as to how I can. Thank you.