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Elvish poem



This is a piece of Elvish that I scribed for SawaChanx3 ^_^

I decided I wanted it to look like a book with a large letter in the top right hand corner like really old books, so I scribed the letter "y" ( I have no idea why lol) and tried to write a poem around this starting letter. When I started writing I didn't want any limitations so I wasn't thinking about who I was writing it for and it may have accidently become a poem about my gf ( Love you Lisa ^_^ <3 ) but oh well.

The poem reads...........

Yes look up, the first cherry blossom petal falls,
drifting softly down, it's beautiful pink, bursting with the
memory of a thousand lost lovers re-united.

The wind suddenly catches the petal, throwing it violently
left and twisting it right, it's beauty turned into a savage and chaotic dance.

My eyes are fixed, my mouth parts.
The girl I love stands before me.
I whisper "I love you", she kisses me softly.
Another petal falls...

Another lost love..... found.

I hope you like it ( BTW my poetry writing is god awful lol XD )
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That's nice! I would like to show it as an example during a reading event we will have here in Milan next November 17th. Would you mind that? Of course I would fully credit you and all the terms in your license will be respected.
Let me know what you think: I would love to get your approval.

Kind regards,

C.R. Shelidon