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- Commission- Elvish Poem



This is a poem my friend Mike wrote which was then translated into Elvish and the finally scribed by me ^_^

The poem reads as...


Yelta ve tinwe nna lithla el -
Ar ristlain ndore el lasgalen ma -

Lain tuile ar lose an lisie lye telco -
Ar iaur valor ana kenga -
Ar el nin nge ese lye - Fangorn.

Lye telco lyee gar adhrim palan -
Ar talan i lithlad nen telecom -
Ar i udone - Tintilarey

Noro iarwain - her na u lyei aure -
Ar lyei unotime jalantrim tiriel -
Ar lye tintil cuio nna i abar -

For Mike
Scribed by Sam E

This is a poem about the founding of middle earth but unfortunatly I don't know the english.
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still confuse whether to put the vowel with the previous letter or the next letter and if the last letter in a word is vowel