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Made of foam, apoxie, and African porcupine quills.
That tail stabbed me at one point, causing a very alarming amount of bleeding for such a tiny prick, and I've been deeply wary of her ever since.
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Sort of resembles the look of an Australian Bearded Dragon :-) looks very cool indeed :-)
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Looks pretty awesome. I like the spiked lizard-like pointed scales around the neck area.
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Some impressive detail work! I can only imagine the costs for so much Apoxie, though!
I am not too sure about the tail quills, but given the very spiky scaled theme you have, it looks great! I would love to see more scaly dinosaurs from you, they definitely are gorgeous.
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The trick is generic brand epoxy clay for everything except the face, fingers, and spiky bits. Around $100+shipping for a gallon kit from Smooth-On.

The quills are definitely speculative, but there are already several conservative stegoceras reconstructions out there. Without skin impressions, chances are every single one of them is wrong so I figured it'd be better to be wrong in a new way.
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I definitely need to check the Smooth-On Website again, thanks for the tip!
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Are you selling this one? 
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I don't think so, I've been trying to amass enough of them for a traveling exhibit idea.
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ok, no problem.   if you ever decide to or want to make another hit me up. I love your feathered pieces too, but only the epoxy ones will last outdoors.  :)
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Sure would look nice in your park. ;)
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both cool and cute :meow:
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