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  • Listening to: Pride n Prejudice soundtrack
  • Reading: The Element by Sir Ken Robinson
  • Watching: Star Wars
  • Playing: Mario Galaxy
  • Eating: perogees
  • Drinking: mountain dew
I'm at that point in life where I realize, if i don't take a chance at something - absolutely nothing will happen. I'll just sit here like a lazy lump that does nothing but breathe. And though breathing is lovely, it can get monotonous. I'm gonna go out n' get my breath taken away by something beautiful, let it catch in my throat while i'm doing something exciting, and let it go in and out sharply through my lungs as I run free of my own fear! The only true failures, are those who didn't have the courage to try. And I'm done being a failure!!!!
  • Listening to: break of reality
  • Reading: Vile bodies by Waugh
  • Watching: the Met game
  • Playing: Zelda
  • Eating: bacon n' cabbage
  • Drinking: mountain dew
deviant art is fun, it's nice to see how everyone in the world is being creative!! there is some COOL stuff on this site. I'm glad I finally decided to be a part of it!!! The stuff I find on here helps to keep my ego in check - haha!

Hello deviantArt! I'm Mel, Nice to see you!